Here’s An App That Gives You 100GB Of Free Roaming Data Worldwide

Helping travellers save precious time and money.

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What's the FIRST thing you worry about when you've landed in a foreign country?

To the Bat Cave! But first, Internet.

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It's one of the first few things you do upon your arrival - look for a local network provider for your Internet needs.

Finding an affordable data plan in a new country is possibly the most un-enjoyable part of your trip and hunting down a network provider in a foreign place is a chore that consistently follows you across continents. But you need to do it. You have to. It's a modern day traveller's curse, one would say.

Finding retailers that sell local SIM cards can also be pretty difficult when you don't speak the local language...

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You: "I want to buy a SIM card."
Local: "You want swim, sir?"

To help travellers overcome this inconvenience, Flexiroam has launched its latest app - Flexiroam X. The app provides seamless and affordable connectivity in over 100 countries across the globe!

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Yeah, totally fo' real! The Flexiroam X network has 3G coverage in over 100 countries. 4G coverage is also available in certain countries. The network literally follows you wherever you go lah.

How it works: The app is powered by a microchip-embedded film called the X Microchip. The chip goes on top of your SIM card. You then latch onto foreign networks for your roaming data needs without incurring crazily expensive charges.

Paper thin

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The X Microchip is crazily thin, measuring at only 0.08mm (it looks like something out from a James Bond movie) and is designed to be attached to your existing SIM card.

No worries, the chip will not affect your existing SIM card's performance. In fact, it actually gives you the ability to switch between using the chip and SIM card. Flexibility FTW!

Now here's the fun part - you'll have the ability to build up a sizeable data bank of up to 100GB for your next getaway. Yup, 100GB of free roaming data!

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What's the catch, you might ask? All you need to do is simply by interacting with the app or participating in regular data giveaways or events. Easy peasy.

Every user will start off with 100MB of free roaming data. You can increase your data bank by taking part in certain tasks and activities that includes watching a video or updating your profile.

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That's not all, you'll also be given your very own referral code! Simply share the code, you and a friend will each receive 100MB of roaming data! Sharing is caring (in this case, free roaming data), guys.

To access the data that you've unlocked, just order the X Microchip and an active subscription to Flexiroam X, priced at US$9.99 (RM40) which is valid for 12 months upon activation

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Oh, did we mention that the X Microchip is free? :D

The data accumulated will be valid for use as long as you have an active membership. If waiting isn't really your thing, you can opt to purchase a 1GB data pack, currently priced at USD20 (RM82).

Start your journey of collecting free roaming data by downloading the Flexiroam X app on iTunes and Google Playstore!

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Psst, Flexiroam will also be giving out free data codes on Facebook and Twitter from time to time! Don't say bojio ah!

Happy roaming, everyone! :D

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Even The Hulk is excited... #HULKSMASH