Here's How You Can Look For Less Crowded Supermarkets For Better Social Distancing

Goodday Milk and Waze have teamed up to help Malaysians better adapt to the new normal and stay safe while shopping.

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Going to supermarkets or hypermarkets to buy essentials for our family is something that we do every week. But it can really be a hassle if the place you're shopping at is crowded, ugh. :(

Having to wait in long queues is one thing, but with social distancing measures in place, it's even more vital to avoid crowded supermarkets and hypermarkets.

But how are you supposed to know whether the place you wanna shop at is crowded or not? Not like we can check before we get there, right?

Well, now you can actually use Waze to find out which supermarkets and hypermarkets are less crowded!

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Goodday Milk and Waze have teamed up to help Malaysians better adapt to the new normal and stay safe while shopping. The service will give you suggestions for less crowded supermarkets and hypermarkets via the Waze app.

All you gotta do is to look out for the Goodday Milk logo Pin/Arrow on the map. This indicates which outlets are less busy at the time.

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Leveraging on Waze’s historical navigation data and knowledge of traffic trends, the app is able to identify stores that are seeing less traffic, within the set radius around your current location.

Also, when you search for specific location destinations using keywords like groceries, hypermarket, or supermarket, Waze will give you suggestions for outlets that are less crowded. This is subject to any low traffic stores that are in close proximity to you, and this service is currently only available within the Klang Valley area.

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This collaboration between Goodday Milk and Waze makes it easier for Malaysians to adapt to social distancing regulations

Now, you'll be able to shop with the peace of mind that you can run your errands in a more pleasant environment with less people. It also helps ensure your safety while you shop for essentials like milk, vegetables, fruits, etc.

“We are all learning to adapt to the new normal and this comes with its own set of challenges, especially as we try to work our day around social distancing regulations. However, this is a much-needed measure to minimise risk exposure to the ongoing pandemic. As always, we at Goodday Milk wanted to provide our consumers with a tool to make their everyday activities easier," said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alternate Business from Etika.

This marks the latest in Goodday Milk's novel initiatives and campaigns that champion the safety and well-being of Malaysians

Since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO), they have not only been keeping Malaysians entertained and engaged, but have also highlighted the importance of maintaining good habits.

Some of these initiatives included a Tamil at-home live concert, a virtual moreh session during Ramadan, and the launch of a WebAR based initiative that brought celebrities to life in the homes of consumers during Hari Raya.

Don't forget to use Waze the next time you're heading out for a grocery run, and make sure to keep an eye out for the Goodday Milk logo Pins/Arrows!

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For more information on Goodday Milk and their future campaign activities, check out the Goodday Milk Malaysia Facebook page.

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