Chrome’s Latest Beta Allows You To Google Without Actually Using Your Hands

Now you can start Googling in Chrome just by saying, “OK, Google” — without touching your computer at all.

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A few months back, Google released a beta plugin called Google Voice Search Hotword that brought hands-free voice search to Chrome

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That feature, first introduced in the Moto X smartphone, appears to have graduated to the level of built-in browser feature, as Google has officially added the capability to the latest version of Chrome beta.

So, now you can start Googling in Chrome just by saying, OK, Google — without touching your computer at all

In the Chrome beta build, all users need to do is open a new tab or visit, say “Ok Google,” and then start speaking a search query.
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The software will then deliver the same voice-activated search results that Android users already enjoy.

Besides searches, you can also use this feature to set Google Now reminders and alarms, trigger local searches and get directions. This demo video from Google shows ow it works:

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But using voice search in Chrome isn’t as easy as it is on Android Smartphones

For starters, you can’t just bring up search from any old webpage; you’ll need to open a new tab and visit You can then take your hands off of the keyboard and activate voice search using the “OK Google” command.
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It’s certainly neat looking, and it’ll add a bit of sci-fi flavor to your life, but it’s not creating less work for the user just yet. Once you’ve opened a new tab and landed on the Google home page, you might actually be able to key in your query a bit faster than you can activate “OK Google” to speak it.

Still, the feature could be fun for all — and it could help people with disabilities get more out of the Internet

And by getting more users to adopt voice search, the accuracy of the system could improve. That’s useful in helping Google challenge Apple’s Siri and other companies working on voice recognition.

Google Chrome can now listen to you.

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This feature will be introduced to English (U.S.) users on Windows, Mac and Linux in the coming few days, while Google will continue to work on support for additional languages and Chrome OS in due time.

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