Google Is Patenting Creepy Toys To Control Your Devices And Haunt Your Dreams

Chucky is coming to life.

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Anyone remember Chucky? That scary and menacing looking doll?

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Or Ted? The fluffy and cheeky teddy bear

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Thanks to Google, this might all become a reality. Over the weekend, the company announced its plans to break into the toy industry with stuffed animals that can control Wi-Fi devices.

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The company hopes to break into the toy industry with stuffed animals that can control other Wi-Fi-connected devices. The toys would be able to control media devices in your home, such as TVs and music players. Aided by sensors and cameras, the bear would also be able to sense your gaze, and even turn its head to look back at you.

According to Google, the toys are useful for parents to monitor their kids but it has to be cute so they are child-friendly

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In response to junior's voice or movements, "the anthropomorphic device may aim its gaze at the source of the social cue," then "interpret the command (via its servers) and map it to a media control device," according to the document. From there, it could "express curiosity, (it) may tilt its head, furrow its brow, and/or scratch its head with an arm." It added that the device should be "cute" so that "young children may find (it) attractive."

However, Google says the patent application isn't a clear indication that the company will actually make or sell the toys. Phew...

Talking toys are nothing new. A while ago, Mattel came out with a Barbie doll that interacts with people.

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An actual interactive model called "Hello Barbie" that kids (and adults) can talk to, sort of like Siri and Cortana -- but in doll form with long, luxurious blonde hair. Girl friend's loaded with ToyTalk's PullString technology designed to make two-way conversations happen with animations and toys, so she's capable of natural speech recognition and picks up cues from what you say to formulate a response.

We are not sure if kids would actually be receptive to something like this. But talking toys definitely creeps us up!

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Talking toys are creepy. But how this guy looks after a number of plastic surgeries creeps us out too...

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