Google Is The Only Guide You Need For The Rio Olympics

Never miss another update.

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Google really wants you to pay attention to the upcoming Rio Olympic Games.

The tech giant has announced a range of new features to make it easier for people to stay on top of the 2016 Summer Olympics, which begins this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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The Games will take place from 5 to 21 August 2016. More than 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will be participating in the major event.

Google announced in a blog post that it's changing up Search, YouTube, Trends, and Google Maps for a better mobile and online experience that helps fans find event information, official broadcaster video, and user-generated content

In celebration of the next chapter in Olympics history, we’re bringing the best our products have to offer to help people around the world stay up-to-date with the Olympic Games Rio 2016:

- Discover the event schedule, medal counts, and athlete information in Search
- Get results and view TV schedules in 30+ countries
- Watch official broadcasters’ event highlights on YouTube in 60+ countries
- Explore Rio and venues in Google Maps
- Keep up to date with the latest search Trends from around the world

Besides that, users can sign up for automatic alerts through the Google app for Android and iOS for get up-to-the-minute updates

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They can also watch event highlights from select broadcasters in more than 60 countries on YouTube, along with mobile live streams from 15 YouTube Creators who have been chosen to cover the games.

Google Maps is also offering a look inside some of the stadiums where athletes will be competing in coming weeks

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The feature showcases highlights and landmarks across Rio, including both tourist destinations and Olympic venues.

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Google recently completed a Rio-focused project that involves the mapping of the country's famous favelas. You can read more about it here.

Google regularly announces features and services tailored to major events, like the Olympics. Most recently, the California-based company came out with new tools to help in the upcoming US presidential election.

Google is also set to release a new messaging app later this year!

Did you know you can go under the sea with Google Maps?

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