'Google Naps' Helps You Find The Best Places To Nap Around The World

The feature allows users to mark their nap-time territory by pinning what looks like the Google “Pegman” on a spot anywhere in the world.

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What if you find yourself stranded in a city struck with the overwhelming desire to take a nap, but with nowhere to curl up and sneak in some shut-eye?

A man takes a nap on a bench at Tokyo's Hibiya Park during a lunch break

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Step forward 'Google Naps': a crowd-sourced cartography project that wants users to add their favourite places for catching a bit of shut-eye

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Using the familiar Google Maps overlay, Naps lets users mark up their own favourite spots, choosing between ‘bench’, ‘bed’, ‘field’ and ‘bridge’ as the “type of nap” available.

You can browse in your area for napping spots others have posted, or simply mark down your favorite napping spot for others to share. And, of course, to claim your territory.

But the site's creators, Kakhiel & Venour, explain on their site that they're really just in this for the fun:

The designers responsible for the project have included their own foot-note to Google, attempting to pre-empt any possible unpleasantness from the internet giant’s legal team

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Even though Google didn't make the site itself, it's still onboard with the concept

"As longtime supporters of napping, we’re thrilled to see Google technology connecting the world’s sleepiest citizens with places to catch some zzz's," the company said in a statement.

For now, though, there aren't that many spots on the Google Naps

Nevertheless, you along with people you know in the world over can combine their collective knowledge to make Google Naps the world's next great website.

And can we start with Pahang? It could use some work.

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Now, all you need now is an Ostrich Pillow

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