15 Struggles You Only Understand If Your Life Revolves Around High-Speed Internet

Rage quit my life.

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Have you ever felt like the Internet is playing games with your heart?

Everything seems cool and is going well, then suddenly it wants to take things slow... or stop things completely?!

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We all understand the struggles of having a life that revolves around the Internet. And there's nothing worse than poor connectivity, buffering, or that annoying "Aw Snap! Something went wrong while loading this webpage" notification. :(

Here are 15 struggles you'll only understand if your life revolves around high-speed Internet:

1. When the Internet is down, so are you...

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2. This meme speaks to you on a personal level

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3. When you have to choose between spending money on food or your Internet bill... you totally choose the Internet

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4. When you're happily gaming then someone in the house starts downloading something

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5. Or when you're downloading something and you see the estimated time remaining

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6. When you log on to start playing but there's a huge game update and you have to wait hours because your Internet sucks

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7. Finally in-game and almost winning a match... then you get disconnected and lose your rank

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8. When you spend more time restarting the router than actually being online

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9. When you try to stream live sports then the players start to freeze and everything is glitching then suddenly things are insane and the commentator is like "that was the most amazing play ever in the history of this sport" and you're like...

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10. When you can neither Netflix nor chill

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11. You can never fully enjoy a marathon binge-fest

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12. When it buffers every 3 minutes and you just. Can't. Enjoy. YOUR SHOW.

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13. When you start pleading with your computer out of desperation

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14. Nuuuuuuuu!!!

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15. Seriously not being able to do anything because YOU DON'T HAVE CONSISTENT INTERNET SPEED

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