Honda Truly Blew Our Minds With This Major Optical Illusion Video

This ad by Honda uses forced perspective and anamorphic optical illusions to mess up your mind. No computer animation is involved, just clever camera work and paintings on the ground.

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The video starts with, some guys jumping around pillars over a pit…

Then a CR-V seemingly about to drive into some concrete pillars…

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Next comes a lady blowing her toy car and man off the table…

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Then a man is about to walk into a statue…

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Here's the video in full, which is worth watching a couple of times to try to figure out exactly what you're seeing:

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Honda relied on intricately planned sets to make cars look like they are flying through concrete pillars and rolling over a coffee table etc.

The ad's selling point, that a bigger car with great mileage is like an illusion unveiled, might initially go over your head because the visuals are so enthralling. But the message will probably set in by the second or third time you replay the video.

Do you want to know how the heck they did it? Well, check out this interesting behind the scenes video:

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Here are some behind the scene photos for you to better understand the concept that went behind in creating it

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