The World’s First Airbag Smartphone Case Is Just What We Were Waiting For

The company usually associated with building fast motorbikes and incredibly reliable cars has turned its attention to protecting smartphones from accidental damage.

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Precisely placed Air Bags inside your vehicle can save your life. So why can't Air Bags be developed to protect the one thing you treasure more than anything else in this world, your smartphone.

Well, the guys at Honda have done it. Dubbed smartphone case N, the product deploys Air Bags to guarantee that your dropped smartphone doesn't end up with a dent, cracked screen or gets bricked.

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So, all ready for Honda to take your money? Well, they won't.

The case is actually not a real product, even though the accompanying video below purportedly shows you how it was designed and built.
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Called the Honda Smartphone Case N, the end result is a handset case that will deploy airbags if it senses the phone is falling -- i.e. they trigger before impact. Honda claims that thanks to the accuracy of the in-built accelerometer, the airbags -- all six of them -- can be deployed in 0.2 seconds.

And while Honda is clearly being less than completely serious with its latest innovation, as the accompanying video -- created to publicize the safety systems in its N Wagon -- attests, the problem it is addressing is a serious one.
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Even if the case N isn't real, it is still interesting to watch in action. To do so, click on the video below

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