6 Money Tips That'll Make Your Life Easier

No need to queue up at the bank anymore. :p

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Mobile and online banking are no strangers to us, kan?

In fact, it's become an important part of our lives as online banking is super convenient, allowing us to take control of our financial life from our computers or smartphones. On top of that, we don't even need to line up to perform transactions at the bank, which is a major plus point.

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From allowing you to make payments on the spot through your phone to changing your credit limit while you're on the go, mobile banking is an absolute lifesaver!

Sometimes, we may find ourselves in sticky situations that we can all relate to, and that's where an online banking app comes in handy

Hong Leong Bank's HLB Connect actually has a few pretty cool features that can help you out in these everyday situations. Here's a look at some of them:

1. Ran out of small change while you're stuck at the cashier counter? HLB Connect has a QR Pay feature that'll come in handy.

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Imagine standing at the cashier counter rummaging through your wallet to make your payment, only to find that you don't have loose change lying around. The worst part? You look over your shoulder, and there's a long line behind you, waiting their turn. Aiya!

That's where HLB Connect's QR Payment feature comes in. You'll be able to pay in a jiffy with this contactless feature, so you don't have to carry wads of banknotes with you anymore. You can also transfer money, or receive money from others on the spot as well. Easy peasy, right?

Fun fact, did you know you can use HLB Connect’s QR Pay on any DuitNow QR code? It’s the pink QR code you see at shops in case you were wondering.

2. If you accidentally left your bank card at home, you'll find that the "Connect ATM Withdrawal" feature really comes in handy

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If you tend to forget your wallet, prefer to minimise contact with the ATM screen or don't carry much cash around, there's a convenient alternative. With the HLB Connect app, you can initiate cash withdrawals without your debit card! Just key in a six-digit withdrawal PIN at Hong Leong Bank ATMs to get your cash. Pretty cool. :D

3. Got multiple bills to pay? The HLB Connect app simplifies this for you.

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Having multiple bills to pay at the same time can be a bit mafan because you'd have to repeat the process over and over again. That's why it's very important that you have a convenient way to make your payments on time.

Did you know that with the help of HLB Connect's multiple bill payment feature, you can pay up to five bills at once? You won't have to go through the bill-paying process repeatedly because of this. Brb, downloading the HLB Connect App now. :p

4. Wiring money overseas is a breeze

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Remitting money overseas may be a hassle, because there may be many steps and procedures that you need to carry out. However, going to the bank isn't your only option for sending money internationally.

Thanks to HLB Connect, all you need to do is head over to their website and follow the simple instructions on their page. Your recipients will be able to receive the money in cash within minutes as well, making it easy for recipients who don't have bank accounts - for instance, if you need to help your domestic helper or foreign worker send money back home to their family.

5. Handling any sudden large expenses is so much easier with HLB Connect

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If you have important expenses that require your attention, you can temporarily increase your credit card limit instantly with HLB Connect. This is very convenient as this feature allows you to deal with any sudden or unforeseen expenses that may come your way, such as purchasing big-ticket items for your new home or emergency medical expenses.

6. See your card transactions…in real-time!

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Bank cards are a godsend, but have you ever used your card to purchase something and wondered if the amount was correct or the transaction went through? HLB Connect has a handy feature that allows you to check your card transactions in real-time to make sure you get charged the right amount or don't get charged twice.

Besides that, you can also verify whether your transaction was successful in avoiding any transaction mishaps. You'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief, phewww.

Ready to experience the convenience of online banking with Hong Leong Bank? Faster lah, download the HLB Connect app on Google Play Store, App Store, and the HUAWEI App Gallery today!

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