Parents' Day Is Almost Here! Give Your Loved Ones The HONOR Magic Series From RM4.80 A Day

These flagship HONOR smartphones will definitely brighten up your parents' day! :)

Cover image via HONOR

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Is your mum or dad's lagging phone in need of an upgrade?

With HONOR's Parents' Day campaign, it's the perfect time to get your loved ones a new flagship device to show them how much you care!

Image via HONOR

Whether you have super tech savvy parents, or loved ones who just want a reliable phone, tech brand HONOR has got you covered with their range of flagship devices.

From the entry-level flagship HONOR Magic5 to its powerful counterpart, the HONOR Magic5 Pro, you won't go wrong with these devices. And if your parents prefer a larger screen with bigger fonts, the foldable HONOR Magic Vs is definitely worth considering.

The best part, you can get these flagship devices at affordable prices from as low as RM4.80 a day!

Here's a closer look at the HONOR Magic series and its features:

1. HONOR Magic5 Pro

Image via HONOR

If you're looking to treat your parents to the ultimate flagship smartphone, the HONOR Magic5 Pro offers everything you need, from a stunning display to an easy-to-use camera and long-lasting battery life.

First things first, the HONOR Magic5 Pro comes with a sleek 6.81-inch OLED quad-curved floating screen with up to 120Hz Adaptive Dynamic Refresh Rate. Even more impressive is its three eye protection features â€” it offers up to 2,160Hz High-Frequency PWM Dimming, Dynamic Dimming, and Circadian Night Display.

It's even the first smartphone to get the TÜV Rheinland Circadian Friendly Certification, which means the HONOR Magic5 Pro will be easy on your parents' eyes.

Image via HONOR

Next, its triple camera setup offers up to 100x digital zoom, alongside a Millisecond Falcon Capture feature that intelligently selects the best shot within 1.5 seconds before and after pressing the shutter. This makes it super easy for your parents to use, as they won't need to worry about missing any shot.

Another neat feature is the phone's 5,100mAh ultra-high density battery, which can easily last for more than 10 hours per day. Whether your parents like to scroll on social media, watch videos, or read the news on their phones, they can do so all day long!

Get the HONOR Magic5 Pro from just RM5.90 per day.

2. HONOR Magic5

Image via HONOR

The HONOR Magic5 is similar to the HONOR Magic5 Pro in several ways, and is worth picking up if you want a more affordable flagship smartphone.

It sports a 6.73-inch OLED quad-curved floating screen, and offers the same eye comfort features, ensuring that your eyes will be protected even when you spend long hours on your phone. In terms of performance, the HONOR Magic5 is equipped with 12GB RAM and the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset as the pro model.

The only difference is that this model offers 256GB memory, compared to the 512GB memory of the HONOR Magic5 Pro.

Image via HONOR

What's cool about the HONOR Magic5 is that it comes with the same Millisecond Falcon Capture, along with a great triple camera setup as well.

Battery life is even more impressive, since the phone carries the same 5,100mAh ultra-high density battery, while being thinner and lighter than its pro counterpart, making it even more power efficient.

Get the HONOR Magic5 from just RM4.80 per day.

3. HONOR Magic Vs

Image via HONOR

For those of you with parents who frequently read the news on their phones and prefer bigger fonts to see messages better, a foldable phone like HONOR Magic Vs will do just the trick.

What's great about the HONOR Magic Vs is that it's ultra light — it features a thin body and gapless, gearless hinge design. The phone also comes with a large 5,000mAh battery, which will give you long-lasting battery life.

Despite its lightweight design, it offers a big 7.9-inch internal screen for an immersive entertainment experience. For extra convenience, the HONOR Magic Vs sports a 6.45-inch external screen, which works just like a normal phone, making it easy to adapt to. This way, your parents can easily toggle between the inner and external screen depending on what they're doing.

Image via HONOR

When it comes to durability, you won't have to worry! The HONOR Magic Vs is TÜV Rheinland certified and can withstand 400,000 times of folding and unfolding. In fact, it's the first foldable phone to come with a 180-day dual-screen crack replacement service for free, giving you extra peace of mind.

Additionally, the HONOR Magic Vs offers trademarked eye comfort features, including 1920Hz PWM Dimming and Circadian Night Display to help ensure your eyes won't feel the strain when using the smartphone.

Get the HONOR Magic Vs from just RM8.22 per day.

Ready to spoil your loved ones?

Head over to HONOR's website to check out the HONOR Magic series and other devices you can get on promotion today!

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