23 Examples Of How Stunning Long Exposure Photography Can Be

Lights, cameras, ACTION!

Cover image via Keow Wee Loong

1. Running and swinging with fire

2. Watching airplanes touchdown on the busy runway. Look at the amount of planes!

Image via exxonvaldez

3. If you want something more adrenaline inducing, head down to this neon-centric skate park

Image via Ben Matthews

4. You can speed things up by going on an adventure just like in the movie Tron along your neighbourhood

Image via nedhardy

5. Burning man

Image via Andy Morris

6. If one could spill the colours of the rainbow, it'll be something like this

Image via Hanie Hidayah

7. The God of Lightning? More like the God of LIGHTING

Image via Jaemy C

8. Who knew the Putrajaya bridge could ever look so beautiful at night?

Image via Oharieff

9. This light painting took about two hours to draw... Talk about dedication!

Image via Darren Pearson

10. Bukit Bintang never sleeps

Image via Keow Wee Loong

11. No compilation would be complete without a picture of our majestic Twin Towers

Image via Oharieff

12. We wonder how long those guys stood there for this perfect shot

Image via citronbleu

13. Disneyland is even more magical with streaks of beautiful lights

Image via expressmonorail

14. If you needed a beach ball, this is the one you should go for

Image via biskitboy

15. Look, it's Kang And Kodos from The Simpsons!

Image via Darren Pearson

16. Who do you think would win in this fight?

Image via thefabweb

17. You won't need to worry about not being seen on the road at night

Image via learnmyshot

18. If you don't have a dance partner, don't worry. You'll always have someone to light up your life.

Image via snmcqueen

19. Why be any other superhero when you can be Batman?

Image via mamieyoung

20. Sometimes, Pacman needs a helping hand

Image via Michael Ross

21. What's scarier than Jurassic World? A dinosaur made entirely out of light...

Image via

22. This motorcyclist seems to be moving faster than the speed of light!

Image via Darren Pearson

23. Fact: This picture was taken ENTIRELY on a smartphone by a Malaysian photographer without any editing!

Image via Keow Wee Loong

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