6 Ironing Tips That’ll Help You Iron Like A Pro, Save Time, And Not Burn Your Clothes

Learn little hacks and tricks to help you get perfect results!

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1. Be strategic when choosing where to do your ironing

You can actually save a lot of time just by choosing the right place to do all your ironing. If you do it in or near the room that you simpan all your clothes in, you won't have to waste time carrying all your garments from where you ironed them to where you need to put them away.

Plus, you'll be able to immediately hang your baju up as soon as you're done ironing, which will help to keep their shape and avoid wrinkling.

2. Organise your items by fabric type and clothing type

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You'll need to use different temperature settings for different fabric types, so you'll waste a lot of time if you have to keep switching settings and wait for the iron to heat up or cool down.

Instead, organise your clothes according to fabric type before you start ironing, then start with the one that requires the lowest temperature setting. Your iron will heat up as you use it, preparing it for the clothes that need a higher temperature setting.

Additionally, sort your baju according to clothing type within the fabric types, as pants, shirts, skirts, and other types of clothes all require different ironing techniques. Grouping them up can help save you a lot of time.

Or, if you're malas to kisah about all that, look out for irons that can automatically adjust its temperature to suit different fabrics.

3. Dampen your clothes before you start ironing

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Water + heat = being able to tackle wrinkles easily. That's why damp clothes are much easier to iron, saving you plenty of time. Use a spray bottle to slightly dampen your clothes before you start ironing, or just use your iron's steam, spray, or spritz functions.

This is an especially great tip for ironing dress shirts, as the additional moisture helps to smooth out wrinkles, leaving you with a super crisp shirt.

4. Never iron your clothes in circular strokes

Why? Because it can cause scratches, stretch the fabric's fibres, and ruin the fit of your clothes, nuuuuuu!

To avoid this, iron in lengthwise parallel strokes, always making sure that you're only ironing in one direction. If you find it difficult to remove stubborn wrinkles when ironing like that, use your iron's steam setting for an added boost.

5. Learn little hacks and tricks to help you get perfect results

Here are some examples:
- Always iron dark garments and linens inside out to prevent getting sheen and scuff marks from the iron on the front

- Struggling to iron pleated clothes? Hold the fabric with paper clips to create the perfect shape, then gently iron with lengthwise strokes.

- Prevent wrinkles on freshly-ironed clothes by placing a piece of cardboard between the front and back. This will help to avoid wrinkles on the side you've already ironed.

- Put a piece of aluminum foil under the cover of your ironing board. The heat will reflect off the foil, letting you iron both sides of your clothes at once.

- Protect delicate materials like silk and lace by placing a clean towel over the garment before ironing on the lowest temperature setting

6. Make sure to keep your iron clean

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Imagine you susah payah wash your clothes, only to get it dirty again when ironing. Sed. A dirty iron plate can discolour your clothes, snag fabrics, or even cause them to burn more easily. It'll also cause less glide, more resistance, and affect the evenness of the heat.

Not only will keeping your iron clean and in good condition ensure that it lasts longer and doesn't rosak, it also helps to protect all your pretty baju from being damaged.

Whenever you notice rust, marks, dirt, or stickiness, wipe down the iron plate with a cleaning solution and cloth. Alternatively, you can make your own solution by mixing equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water.

Another simple trick is to iron a dryer sheet to remove any residue or debris stuck to the iron plate.

For an effortless, hassle-free ironing experience, check out the Philips PerfectCare 9000 Series

As the world's first Artificial Intelligence iron, it recognizes every fabric in real time, fuyoooh! That means you don't have to worry about messing with the settings when ironing different types of clothes, 'cause you can just trust this iron to automatically get it right every time.

Here are some of the Philips PerfectCare 9000 Series' cool and innovative features:

1. Smart fabric recognition
With ActiveSense technology, this advanced intelligent steam generator recognises different fabrics through a built-in camera and artificial intelligence. That's how it automatically adjusts temperature and steam output for each type of fabric.

2. Powerful automatic steam release
The iron saves energy by generating powerful steam only when you need it. When the iron is moving, steam is automatically released. When the iron stops, so does the steam release. Enjoy efficient and easy ironing without having to stress over stubborn wrinkles.

3. Guaranteed no burns on all ironable garments
Thanks to the Philips PerfectCare 9000 Stream Series' fast-cooling soleplate, you can say bye bye to accidentally burning your clothes. The iron will always choose the safest setting for your garment, instantly switching between fabrics, even if you're going from ironing denim jeans to a delicate silk top.

4. Convenience at the heart
The combination of the lightweight iron and powerful steam lets you vertical steam clothes that are difficult to iron, like dresses and even curtains. With its amazing gliding and scratch resistant soleplate, the PerfectCare 9000 Series gives you an effortless ironing experience with excellent results.

Interested in getting one? Click here to find out more about the Philips PerfectCare 9000 Series.

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