HP May (Or May Not) Launch Two Big Smartphones By The End Of This Year

If the reports are to be believed, Hewlett-Packard is entering the consumer mobile-handset market, again.

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According to The Information, HP is planning to release new six- and seven-inch phones by the end of the year

The two rumored phablet-sized smartphones would be priced between $200 and $250 as off-contract, unlocked devices and could appear before the end of 2013, according to The Information.

The tech site reported this week that HP CEO Meg Whitman is "taking another stab at the crowded mobile-phone industry as she tries to turn around the company."
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The rumored "affordable" smartphones for markets like China, India, and the Philippines are purportedly a 6-inch device and a 7-inch handset that would push the envelope on the line between phablets and full-blown tablets.

The phones, for which no leaked or officially sanctioned images exist to our knowledge, are expected to be a 6-inch "phablet" and a 7-inch phablet

By "phablet" we mean either a huge phone or a small tablet.
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Details on these devices are pretty spare, but the assumption is that they would run Google's Android operating system and sport an ARM-based application processor.

The only positive with HP is its relatively known brand name, which might lead to consumers to buy its phone over the unknown Chinese makers.

HP earlier attempted to make a hold in the smartphone market after acquiring Palm in 2010

But the WebOS-based devices failed to catch on with consumers and eventually the company decided to pull the plug on its new tablet and smartphones in 2011.

HP Palm Pre 3 phone

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