[PHOTOS] HTC One 'M8': The Best Android Phone Gets Even Better

The Taiwanese smartphone maker unveils its latest flagship phone with a slightly larger screen on its signature aluminum body, which is now more curved.

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Looks Like The Popular HTC One M8 Will Be Running On Windows Too

A Windows version of the HTC One M8 has leaked online.

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While Nokia has been dominating the Windows Phone segment, HTC is not throwing the towel just yet as they are set to introduce a new Windows Phone device next month on August 19. They have sent out media invites and word has it that it will be heavily based on their current HTC One M8 flagship device. In terms of naming, it could be called as the HTC One W8.

With reports earlier this week claiming that the HTC One M8 would be given a Windows Phone themed makeover following the software’s update to Windows Phone 8.1, pictures of the handset have now appeared.

Rumors have been flying that HTC is on the brink of announcing a Windows Phone version of its aluminum One M8 flagship, with the latest report pointing linking the unannounced handset with an HTC device that just passed global certification.

[REVEALED] HTC One M8 Pricing Along With Official Malaysia Launch Date

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If you’ve been holding out for the HTC One M8, its official Malaysian pricing has been revealed at RM2,399 for the 16GB version. HTC will be launching the device officially next Thursday on the 8th of May.

Pricing wise, the One M8 is an increase over last year’s HTC One (M7) which was launched in Malaysia at RM2,299 for 32GB and RM2,499 for 64GB storage capacities.

In terms of availability, retailer IMCC says it will be available sometime soon and it is likely to go on sale shortly after its 8th May launch.

To Get Better Acquainted With The HTC One M8, Read The Story Below...

HTC Has Revealed Its HTC One (M8) Smartphone, Successor To Last Year’s Original HTC One, The Best-Selling Smartphone In HTC’s History

The HTC One M8 is one lovely phone.

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The Device Is Debuting In 'Gunmetal Gray,' 'Glacial Silver,' And 'Amber Gold,' With A Unibody All-Metal Design

The phone will be available in three colours - Gunmetal Grey, Glacial Silver and Amber Gold

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Wrapped In A Solid And Smooth Piece Of Metal, The Gorgeous HTC Phone Has Been Made Even More Striking. The Metal Curves Around The Thin Edges For A Comfortable, Yet Weightier Feel.

This new HTC One has even more metal.

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The 1080P Display Has Grown From 4.7 Inches To A Full 5 Inches. To Save Space, The Physical Buttons Below The Screen Are Gone, Replaced By Software.

The new HTC One (M8), pictured left, replaces last year's HTC One, pictured right.

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Compared to last year’s model, the screen is 0.3 inches longer, but has the same resolution.

The Back Of The Phone Has A Unique Design Change Too: Not One But Two Cameras. The New Camera, Located Above The Main Ultrapixel Camera, Strictly Captures Depth Information.

Two lenses do more than one.

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The functionality allows you to change the focus of your photo after you've taken it.

HTC Beats The Competition With A Simple Camera Interface That Includes Manual Controls And A Dedicated "Selfie" Mode

HTC's simple camera interface now includes a "Selfie" mode

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There’s A Whole Lot Of New Stuff Unique To The HTC One (M8) In Sense 6, But First The Basics:

It’s an Android 4.4 KitKat smartphone packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.3GHz quad core processor, has 2GB of RAM, and includes either 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage with up to 128GB expandable microSD card storage. LTE is supported, and there’s Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, 802.11ac Wi-Fi (that’s rare for a smartphone) and an IR blaster.
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Sensors including the standard accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and gyro, as well as a barometer for detecting changes in air pressure immediately around you. The battery has 2600 mAh capacity, and HTC says that’ll be good for up to 20 hours of 3G talk time, or up to 496 hours of standby on a 3G network connection.

The New HTC One Offers Gesture Control, Another Popular Feature Among New Smartphones

The M8 has what HTC is calling Motion Launch, which is a series of gesture controlled shortcuts to let you activate the screen, answer calls, and turn the lock screen on and off without swiping or tapping. It does this using low-power monitoring of orientation, speed, etc., with its onboard sensors to predict what you’ll want to do when you unlock the device.
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Auto Answer, for instance, lets you raise the phone to your ear to accept a call, so that you don’t need to touch the screen if your hands are dirty or you’re otherwise reluctant to do so. This could also have an effect on battery life, by limiting the amount of active time for the power-hungry screen.

Also, HTC Will Offer Its Own Case For The One. Called The Dot View Case, It Displays The Time, Temperature And Notifications On The Front Cover In A Cool, Retro Dot-Matrix Style

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HTC has created a Dot View case that uses the above-mentioned Motion Launch gestures to provide essential information at a glance. The case displays key info like texts, emails, calls and weather notifications without activating the screen, and instead showing the info with a retro, dot-matrix style readout. Paired with the metal finish, it’s a good look, and one that should help HTC stand out in the Android crowd.

Interestingly, While HTC Isn't Claiming Anything About Being Waterproof, The New One Appears To Be Water Resistant

A new video shows the HTC One (M8) being submerged under water for 90 minutes and it still works. While this indicates that the device is somewhat ready for accidental liquid encounters, do note that HTC isn’t claiming anything about being waterproof.

According To Reports, HTC Malaysia Is Pushing Hard For A Local Launch Of The HTC One 'M8' By The End Of April

HTC Malaysia is pushing hard for a local launch of the HTC One (M8) by the end of April. If that timelime proves to be true, it looks like HTC is in for a tough, tough time once again in Malaysia. Samsung is not only launching their flagship Galaxy S5 tomorrow, the devices will also be available nationwide on April 11.

The new One will be arriving to all four major telcos in Malaysia when it is eventually available here. The four telcos are among 230 telecommunications operators worldwide which will offer the HTC One (M8) in their various data plans.

All In All, The New HTC One Is Beautifully Designed And Is A Solid Smartphone

The HTC One (M8) may not break a lot of new ground, but it's no step backward either. If design is important to you, it is the best Android phone you can buy.

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