5 Reasons Why The HUAWEI Vision S Series Is A Gamechanger For People Working From Home

It has cool features like 1080p high-definition HUAWEI MeeTime video call and 120Hz High Refresh Rate, and is equipped with Quad-10W Speakers!

Cover image via HUAWEI (provided to SAYS)

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Since last year, we have embraced a new normal which has changed the way we work, with working from home and e-learning classes becoming part of our daily routines

That's why having the right devices at home is so important. After all, it can be quite a nuisance to have Zoom meetings on your smartphone, tablet, or small laptop, especially if the screen is small or if your devices are laggy.

But worry not, because HUAWEI's latest invention, the HUAWEI Vision S Series, enhances your WFH experience, allowing you to be more productive and efficient. This new product is a great addition to your workstation, and best of all, buying it won't even break the bank.

The HUAWEI Vision S is the brand’s first-ever Smart Screen — an invention that enhances interconnectivity, interactive capabilities, multi-screen collaboration, and multimedia prowess

Image via HUAWEI

Going beyond just being a TV, it comes jam-packed with tonnes of amazing features, but the top three key ones are definitely its 1080p high-definition HUAWEI MeeTime video call, 120Hz High Refresh Rate, and Quad-10W Speakers.

The HUAWEI Vision S is part of HUAWEI's efforts to continuously help all of us build a fully connected and intelligent lifestyle. Of course, this is in line with the company’s Seamless AI Life strategy and '1+8+N' concept which was announced a while ago.

Malaysia is the first to receive this new product outside of China, so you know this is gonna be the latest "it" thing in town!

Here are five ways the HUAWEI Vision S can help enhance your work from home experience:

1. Enjoy seamless communication by making HUAWEI MeeTime Calls through various devices, as well as holding your meetings on the smart screen

Many of us miss the small talks and physical discussions we used to have with our teammates. Video calls on smartphones and laptops are great, but it can be challenging if you have a big group meeting.

With the HUAWEI Vision S, that won't be a problem anymore. You can have a virtual meeting that's as good as a physical one, thanks to the 1080p high-definition video call via HUAWEI MeeTime.

Conducting a meeting with HUAWEI MeeTime allows you to have brighter and smoother video call. Most importantly, it comes with a share-screen function which allows you to discuss proposals with your clients or teammates.

Besides that, the HUAWEI Vision S also comes with Intelligent Bandwidth Adjustment. What this does is identify your real-time network connection and adjust the resolution accordingly. So, with no more lagging when you share your screen, you can now proudly present your idea to your boss.

You can also take amazing group photos with your teammates with the home camera! The 13MP magnetic camera can rotate 180°, and can even be installed and removed easily.

2. Equipped with HUAWEI Sound 10W Quad Speaker, you'll never miss a single word from your boss

During Zoom meetings, it can be frustrating when everyone talks at the same time, right? Then, you end up missing out on important updates pulak, haihhh. With the HUAWEI Vision S, you'll never miss a word during a meeting again, everyone's voices will be as clear as during a physical meeting.

A known leader in the consumer electronics space, HUAWEI has set an all-new benchmark by equipping the HUAWEI Vision S with quad-10W speakers. Thanks to this first-of-its-kind feature by HUAWEI, the HUAWEI Vision S is able to deliver immersive and mesmerising audio.

It does this through two Full Frequency Speakers and two High Frequency Speakings, including 1L sound cavity. This gives you a cinematic bass and treble audio experience, regardless of what content you're streaming.

Plus, with its AI Speaker with Screen Off feature, the HUAWEI Vision S Series also supports uninterrupted music playback even when the screen is off. Just say, "Hi Celia, turn off the screen", and it will automatically turn off, while still continuing to play your music. This is a super convenient feature for when you're rushing something urgent — just turn off the screen and listen to soft music to stay focused.

3. You can easily control the smart screen with your smartphone

The HUAWEI Vision S comes with OneHop projection. So, all you have to do is tap your HUAWEI smartphone against the HUAWEI Share icon on the HUAWEI Vision S remote control, and their phone screen will be projected to the larger display in an instant!

And with the HUAWEI Vision application's smart control function, navigating through your HUAWEI Vision S is now redefined, enabling you to facilitate easy operations and text input instead of pressing one button at a time.

Also, the HUAWEI Vision S comes with a distributed gaming feature. You can now enjoy playing your games on a huge screen to destress from work, yaaas! Find out more by watching this video.

Another amazing feature is one that allows you to seamlessly transfer your files from your Smart Screen to your smartphone, which will especially come in handy during meetings.

4. Got privacy concerns? Don't worry, HUAWEI has got you covered.

Whenever you're using the HUAWEI Vision S and you connect it to your smartphone, you can actually opt to hide all notifications from your HUAWEI Smart Screen, such as incoming calls, messages, and more.

This will definitely make things easier, as you can focus on your virtual meeting without having to worry about anyone seeing your private messages appearing on the big screen.

5. Discover a world of information and entertainment at your fingertips

HUAWEI Video services provides more than 10,000 hours of content, featuring top local entertainment partners like Astro and Media Prima, as well as other leading international partners such as BBC Studio and Paramount.

With HUAWEI Music, you will have millions of songs to choose from, ranging from local artists to latest songs from global music corporations.

There are even cool apps such as:
- Doc2US: Get online home care and personal care consultation with just a few taps
- Kaodim: Easily compare and get the best professional cleaners, contractors, caterers, and other services
- Kuali: Never run out of recipes to whip up in your kitchen as this app provides thousands of recipes

And there are loads of fun game apps and other cool apps waiting for you too!

Just use the pre-installed Petal Search to easily find apps. This tool will help you look for all kinds of music, videos, and many other things. It even works on voice command.

The all-new HUAWEI Vision S series comes in two variants – 65" and 55" at the price of RM3,999 and RM2,999, respectively

With every pre-order, you will stand a chance to receive amazing freebies!

Check out all the deets below:

Pre-order period
65" HUAWEI Vision S: 27 April 2021 - 2 May 2021
55" HUAWEI Vision S: 27 April 2021 - 12 May 2021

Pre-order gifts
65" HUAWEI Vision S: HUAWEI Wi-Fi Quad-Core AX3 worth RM299* & FreeLace Pro worth RM399**
55" HUAWEI Vision S: RM200 instant rebate***

Buying channel
65" HUAWEI Vision S
- HUAWEI Experience Store (HES)
- HUAWEI Store Online
- Senheng, SenQ
- Lazada
- Astro Go Shop

55" HUAWEI Vision S
- HUAWEI Experience Store (HES)
- HUAWEI Store Online
- Shopee

In addition to the awesome pre-order gifts, from 27 April to 16 May, HUAWEI is also offering you a chance to win another 65" HUAWEI Vision S Series with any purchase of HUAWEI products.

*Applicable on both offline and online platforms.
**Applicable only on HUAWEI Store Online and Lazada.
***Applicable only on HUAWEI Store Online and Shopee.

Be the first to grab the awesome deals during the pre-order period!

Head over to selected HUAWEI Experience Stores to experience the HUAWEI Vision S Series and stand a chance of receiving free gifts.

Get more information at HUAWEI Store Online and stay tuned to HUAWEI's Facebook page for all the latest updates.

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