You Can Now Buy Instagram "Likes" From A Vending Machine

The world is getting weirder by the day.

Cover image via @Alexey Kovalev

Forget soft drinks and titbits, vending machines are now in the business of dispensing fake Instagram "Likes" and followers

That's correct, ladies and gentlemen. You can now buy Instagram "Likes" and followers from a vending machine.

Let that sink in.

Spotted in a mall in Moscow by Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev, this machine will give you 100 fake "Likes" on any Instagram post for 50RUB (RM3.73)

For double the price (RM7.47), you can purchase 100 Instagram followers without even needing to hang out and make any new friends. Sounds pretty good eh?

For those with deeper pockets and a more pressing need for insincere validation, the same company also offers to net you 150,000 followers for USD850 (RM3,623)

According to tech site CNET, the machine is made by a company called Snatap and you can find them in nine Russian cities as well as in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The machine is not limited to just buying "Likes"

The vending machine is capable of taking selfies and printing Instagram photos and it also sells fake followers and "Likes" for VK, a popular social networking site in Russia.

Kovalev told Motherboard that he has pledged to try out the machine and film it in action.

The business of selling "Likes" on social media itself is nothing new. A video of a "click farm" based in China has emerged online recently and it's pretty insane:

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