This Review Site Was Created For Anyone Looking For A Meaningful Internship Experience

Because nobody wants to spend two months making coffee and photocopying papers, right?

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Internships are now a rite of passage for anyone hoping to secure a job after graduation...

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Getting an internship placement is like a gamble. If you're lucky, you might valuable experience. Or you might just spend two months making coffee.

This is where 'The Intern Insider' comes in, a website that provides reviews and comments about internships all over Malaysia

The reviews go beyond monthly pay figures to identify the best internships out there. Ex-interns analyze the support they get from mentors, the breadth of their tasks, and the degree of responsibility entrusted to them - all for an accurate picture of the knowledge and experience you can expect to gain from any workplace across 15 sectors in Malaysia.

The idea for the website started when founders - Nik Nor Zafirah Nik Affendi and Amir Roslan realised that the quality of their internships differ from one another

Co-founder Nik Nor Zafirah Nik Affendi.

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The two, who have been friends since A-Levels and are now studying at universities in the United Kingdom, had been discussing the internships that they had done during their holidays in Malaysia. “We were talking about our internship experience and found that the quality of our internships differed,” said Nik Nor Zafirah.

We took a look at the site and here's what we thought:

Internships are differentiated into different industries and they range from law to retail

Click in each section and you'll see profiles of different companies in that industry.

Reviews are all listed in the company profile description.

Started off as a peer-to-peer site, Intern Insider now allows companies to advertise their internships on their profile page

The Intern Insider began as a peer-to-peer site, only involving what students had to say to each other about their internship experiences. It has decided to have companies on board, by inviting them to purchase subscriptions which allow them to advertise internship openings on their own profile pages.

The aim is for The Intern Insider to become the one-stop center for internships in Malaysia, where users can browse current opportunities and compare feedback from interns in the past.

To write a review, you could opt to create an account or be anoynymous

The site uses a quick scale rating for you to rate the company on a scale of 1 to 5. Also, they're pretty particular with the content of the review as well. If it breaks the rules that's been set, your review would be edited.

And that's about it!

It's a very simple site with straightforward and easy to use interface. Overall, we love the idea of Intern Insider - it gives interns an idea or expectation of the company they'll be getting into.

Check out The Intern Insider here

Good luck finding an internship! :D

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PS: We're looking for interns too! Send your CVs to [email protected] and you'll hear from us very soon!

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