22 Tech Wonders That Are Super Scary (But In An Awesome Way!)

The future is here, the future is now.

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1. Would you believe that there's an app that translates a language in real time? No more trying to figure out Mandarin language menus in hawker stalls if you're a "banana".

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2. This billboard that makes you feel like you're part of the Harry Potter universe!

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3. This is a self-stabilising spoon that helps people with Parkinson's disease eat without any hiccups

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5. This "Elektrik Barman" by Absolut Elektrik that makes drinks for you. Who needs a bartender anymore?

6. This chemically-treated outfit so that you will never get curry stains on your baju anymore

7. A tong sampah that will calculate EXACTLY where your trash will land! You don't even have to aim!

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8. Bathroom doors that automatically frosts up when you lock the door

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9. A kitchen that knows what's in your fridge and tells you what you can have for dinner

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If you’re looking for something even more impressive, with a high-definition screen, Pandigital’s Kitchen Technology Center looks exactly like a flat-screen desktop computer. It holds 3,000 recipes (and comes pre-loaded with more than 80 from Bon Appetit) and video tutorials. Also splatter-proof, it can rest on your kitchen counter or be mounted on the wall near the stove. Now cooks with their hands full can interact with digital communities, upload recipes, and browse as they work.

10. This futuristic motorcycle helmet that helps you navigate through traffic

11. Designers are now able to 3D image in real time thanks to the Oculus Rift!

12. Transparent cars are actually being tested out right now!

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13. Holograms can be projected through an ice cream tub using an app!

14. People would puke less in the cinema watching Cloverfield if they used this camera stabiliser

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15. This pair of earbuds helps you measure your heartbeat and suggests songs

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“I am a runner — I get hives from the sun, I have to run with gloves on,” said Negi about running with a smartphone. “That means when there is a bad song, I have to take out my phone, take off my gloves, unlock my phone and change the song.”

Starting from solving a problem that she knew all too well, Negi, a sensors systems engineer in the Intel New Devices Group, and a team set out to create a device and software that would monitor heart rate and adjust music playback based on sensor feedback. The result was the Intel smart earbuds reference design, developed in collaboration with Valencell.

16. This pair of jeans that is protected by Norton antivirus from hackers aiming to steal credit information!

Image via Betabrand

These jeans by Betabrand protect your cards by blocking wireless signals, so the RFID chips become unreadable to prying hackers that uses devices to steal credit card information.

17. Is this... magic?!

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18. No printer? That's fine, just stuff this mini one in your backpack.

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19. Why didn't we use this in school?!

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20. No friends to help you take selfies? Use this drone that FOLLOWS you like a puppy!

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21. The dexterity of this bionic hand tying a shoe lace tells you how far science has progressed to help those with disabilities

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22. Back To The Future anyone? Hoverboards are REAL

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Have you seen a robot trying to mix drinks like his human mentor? WATCH HERE:

The future is already here, just like Absolut Elektrik. Learn more about it here.