We're Still In Denial About This Morgan Freeman Portrait Done On The iPad. How Can It Be?

Using only a finger, an iPad Air and the app Procreate, artist Kyle Lambert has painted a photorealistic portrait of actor Morgan Freeman.

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No, seriously, what you're looking at isn't a photo of actor Morgan Freeman. In fact, it is actually a finger painting of Freeman by visual artist Kyle Lambert.

This incredibly realistic painting of Morgan Freeman was created with just one finger on an iPad Air, all in one layer.

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It looks so good, it must be a fake, right? Well, it's NOT, and here's video to prove it:

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Lambert said the painting took a month to create using the iPad app Procreate

Using the app Procreate, Lambert spent over 200 hours and made over 285,000 brushstrokes, a process that he documented in a transfixing time lapse video.
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"It captures every brush stroke automatically and you can export it to the camera roll," Lambert explained. "It has the best canvas size and and video export. It’s the most like Photoshop."

He catches all the facial, hair, and skin nuances of the actor. The video demonstrates how Lambert springs Freeman’s face to life.

Lambert says he gets very involved in his process so spends a lot of time each day on the paintings

"I was spending 9-10 hours some days if a certain area I was working on was complicated," said Lambert.
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Lambert trained as an oil painter at university but transitioned to digital painting about five years ago.
He has been using an iPad to paint since the first version was released in 2010.
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Lambert was motivated to create something entertaining, inspiring and educational, and Morgan Freeman seemed like a good choice of subject.
"I've found with past videos people are more engaged when the subject is familiar to them," he said.
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"I think I must have been watching the movie Oblivion when the idea of Morgan Freeman came to mind."

But, wait.. Morgan isn't the only celebrity that Lambert's given the photorealistic treatment to. He also did this portrait of Rihanna:

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And of this random good-looking girl:

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And also this adorably cute-looking kitten:

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