Is Apple Finally Ditching 16GB Storage In The New iPhone 7?

It's time to say goodbye to the struggle of not having enough storage space.

If you've been wanting to buy yourself an iPhone, good news! Apple is rumoured to be ditching one of the most complained about features of the iPhone - the 16GB storage.

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Yeah, not kidding! According to an analyst at IHS Technology in China who claims to have links to Apple's supply chain, the new iPhone 7, expected to be released in September, will come with a minimum storage capacity of 32GB.

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IHS has a reasonable track record of accuracy when it comes to Apple rumors, correctly predicting last year that a 4 inch iPhone would debut in 2016 based on supply chain sources … which obviously transpired into reality as the iPhone SE.

This is quite a big deal, considering how Apple has faced much criticism for the 16GB model. Users would often have to avoid spending on extra storage – and then find themselves without space to store their photos and music.

Could the iPhone 6 be the last iPhone with a 16GB variation?

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If you own a 16GB iPhone, you would know the struggle of avoiding new updates or having to delete photos and videos so that you can make space for other stuff. Especially as the latest iPhones feature 4K video recording, 16GB is a pitifully small amount.

The upcoming iPhone 7 is shaping up to be a significant update to the iPhone 6S. The rumour mill is saying that it will have a much thinner body and improved camera components.

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Apple will also be dropping the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth wireless or Lightning port connections for audio output.

As always, the iPhone 7 will most likely be announced around September. iOS 10, which will be released in June, may shed some light on the phone as well.

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Expectedly, Apple has not commented on these rumours.

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