Here's Why The iPhone Only Lets You Snooze For 9 Minutes

It seems like a random number, but apparently the reasoning is based in history.

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It's a question that has been baffling iPhone users for years, especially when struggling to wake up early in the morning - why does the snooze on iPhone only give you 9 minutes?

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Exactly, why not just round if off and give us a nice 10? :(

So apparently, it's not because Apple enjoys being mean, but it has to do with the mechanical origins of analogue clocks!

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According to Q&A website Quora, an iOS expert pointed out that the specific 9 minute snooze is an homage to old electric clocks which could only snooze in 9-minute intervals due to certain limitations

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Writing on Quora, iOS support expert Nic Lake says, ‘Early clocks and watches had gears that made it difficult to set a snooze for exactly 10 minutes. So, they aimed for less than 10 minutes, around 9 minutes. It was a pretty standard thing till the 50s.'

He further stated that it was also easier for programmers to code a 9-minute snooze

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'Then, when digital clocks came about, it was much easier to code in a 9-minute snooze. All they had to do was take the last digit of the previous alarm (say, 5), subtract 1 (now 4), and set the new alarm to go off the next time that number came up. So, 6:45 to 6:54, and so on,' Lake added.

So, there you have it! A 9-minute snooze is now still standard today thanks to Apple!

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Deep down we're hoping Apple will extend the snooze, because who snoozes for 9 minutes anyways?!

Also, have you ever wondered why it's always 9:41 on Apple's latest iPhones?

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