Is GrabUnlimited Really Worth It? We Did The Math So You Don't Have To

We managed to save RM11.50 on our GrabFood order!

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If you use Grab often, you've probably noticed the option to subscribe to GrabUnlimited on the app

For first time members, it costs just 1 sen to subscribe, with every following month costing RM4.90. According to Grab, their new subscription plan not only gives you up to RM300 in savings, but comes with additional vouchers, promotions, rewards, and benefits for GrabUnlimited members.

But is GrabUnlimited really worth it? Here's what we discovered after using it:

1. The first thing we noticed is that we got to enjoy free delivery for food and groceries, but with a cap of RM3

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Once we signed up for GrabUnlimited, we got a total of 50 free delivery vouchers for GrabFood and 10 free delivery vouchers for GrabMart, capped at RM3.

If you order from a restaurant within a 5km radius, you'll get to enjoy completely free delivery, woohoo! As for restaurants beyond the 5km radius, you still get to save RM3 each time — while not completely free, it's actually a pretty good deal. Once you've ordered twice, you'll have saved RM6, which is more than what you would pay for a GrabUnlimited subscription.

One thing to note is that you'll need to spend at least RM20 on food or groceries to be able to use this free delivery voucher.

2. One of the key differences is that GrabUnlimited members can combine promos to save more

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If you're familiar with Grab, you'll know that you can usually use only one promo at a time. That means if you're getting free delivery, you probably won't get to enjoy the Hot Deals promo.

Now, with GrabUnlimited, you can actually combine vouchers to get more savings, woah!

To demonstrate how much you can potentially save, we ordered food from Restoran Bok's Kito for lunch to show you the difference between using a normal Grab account and a GrabUnlimited account:

Normal Grab user: RM26.50 (No savings)
RM23.50 (Original price) + RM3 (delivery fee) = RM26.50

GrabUnlimited member: RM15 (Total savings of RM11.50)
RM23.50 (Original price) - RM8.50 (50% Hot Deals Promo) - RM3 (Free delivery) = RM15

Just by being a GrabUnlimited member, you could be saving RM11.50 each time you order lunch. :O

There's more! Other than free deliveries and promos, we also noticed that GrabUnlimited members now have access to a couple of new features.

3. For avid Grab users, GrabUnlimited now also allows you to earn back more value

GrabUnlimited allows you to earn more GrabRewards, just by doing what you already normally do. In fact, Grab has recently updated its loyalty programme to allow GrabUnlimited members to earn 1.5% value back.

What this means is that every time you order meals using GrabPay wallet or PayLater, you'll earn GrabRewards. For instance, if you spend RM200 on a family dinner, you'll get RM3 in value (in GrabRewards). Add it up over the course of a few meals, and you could be racking up lots of value in no time. You can use those GrabRewards to redeem discounted vouchers on GrabFood, Grab rides, groceries, online shopping and just like that, you've earned 1.5% value back.

In fact, GrabUnlimited members get to enjoy a lower redemption tier. For instance, 750 GrabRewards usually gets you an RM5 voucher. However, for GrabUnlimited members, all you need is 500 GrabRewards to redeem the same voucher. That's such a steal!

4. Another cool thing is that GrabUnlimited members will get access to top-rated drivers

One of the perks of being a GrabUnlimited member is that you'll be guaranteed top-rated riders and drivers, whether you're ordering food delivery, grocery delivery, or getting a Grab ride. This means you'll have extra peace of mind, knowing that your deliveries will be on time, and that you'll be getting quality service, each and every time!

On top of that, one of the new things we noticed is that GrabUnlimited members get to enjoy Premium Delivery, for RM2.50 instead of RM3.50, if you want to! The great thing about using Premium Delivery is that you'll be in priority to get your food or groceries delivered to you. Plus, you'll even receive a voucher if your food is not delivered within 30 minutes!

5. Last but not least, you'll get various extra vouchers each month, on top of the standard vouchers you receive monthly

For the month of June, we received four vouchers for Up to 50% off Hot Deals plus Free Delivery and six vouchers for Up to 38% off Hot Deals plus Free Delivery. 

All in all, GrabUnlimited is super worth it, for casual users as well as avid users. As a recap, here are all the benefits you get to enjoy as a user:

Want to unlock these amazing deals? Subscribe to GrabUnlimited today at only 1 sen for the first month and start enjoying more savings.

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