KFC Helps Solve Customers' Oily Finger Problems With Grease-Proof Keyboard On Tray

Finger clicking good.

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You just finished eating a plate of KFC's famous fried chicken only to find out that you have a very important text to reply...

If you would type with oily fingers, KFC has invented a special tray to assist you. The KFC Tray Typer, launched in conjunction with an advertising campaign by the fast food chain in Germany, the slim looking keyboard aims to address your greasy problems.

Image via TheVerge

It may LOOK like a thin piece of paper, but it's really not

Image via TheVerge

In a stroke of (admittedly first-world) office class genius, KFC rolls out the Tray Typer to help eliminate this conundrum: a super-thin, rechargeable keyboard that connects with your phone or tablet to allow you to work without messing up your screen.

The keyboard is Bluetooth enabled, so there wouldn't be any problems with connectivity. It is also durable and reusable, that is if people actually don't... take them back home.

Image via TheVerge

Presumably, it's durable enough to get wiped down and re-used — although the advert's creator, Serviceplan, claims the smart paper trays were so popular when handed out during the opening week of new restaurants that "every single one ... was taken home."

This is not actually the first time KFC has come up with innovative advertising campaigns. Last year, KFC Japan released a mouse, keyboard and USB drives in the shapes of fried chicken. Very very... Japanese.

Image via TheVerge

While we keep our greasy fingers crossed for a Tray Typer stateside release, check out this cool video of the keyboard below

Speaking of fast food chains, did you know that KFC and Mcdonald's are not able to hire foreign workers anymore?

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