L'OCCITANE Is Making Sure You Receive Faster Delivery By Partnering With Lalamove

Look at all those gorgeous Christmas gift sets!

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As Malaysians continue to limit their movements and stay at home as much as possible, online shopping has transformed from a sometime luxury to an everyday necessity

Eight months of staying primarily at home has changed how we perceive the value of products and services. It's now more important than ever for brands to offer convenient online shopping options, as well as efficient delivery services.

Sharing insights with SAYS, renowned French beauty brand, L'OCCITANE en Provence, found that delivery speed has become a basic requirement for customers, along with the reliability and professionalism of services.

They added that this festive season, Malaysians are more selective on quality, are ready to splurge on gifts for loved ones, and have higher expectations to get their money's worth.

Many businesses continue to face challenges this year, including L'OCCITANE, who struggled to evolve from in-store sales to online deliveries

The online shopping trend evolved rapidly, especially during the first few months after the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced. So much so that L'OCCITANE had a limited timeline to change their business model.

Now, in order to meet customer needs, L'OCCITANE is working with Lalamove to provide faster delivery of goods

Whether it's a last-minute gift or realising you've run out of your favourite product, you can now receive your goods within a few hours!

According to L'OCCITANE, they receive an average of 16 same-day delivery order requests daily. During peak periods, such as the recent 11.11 sale, they were fulfilling more than 100 orders a day! With customers turning to the convenience of online shopping and home delivery, L'OCCITANE believes this routine will only grow and become the norm.

The new partnership between L'OCCITANE and Lalamove sprouted over an incident of a mobile phone that was left behind

"I experienced Lalamove service during one of the incidents where I accidentally left my mobile phone in the office and my colleague used Lalamove to send it back to me," explains Elida Wong, L'OCCITANE Brand General Manager, Malaysia & Singapore.

"I was impressed with the reliability and conveniences of the Lalamove platform," she added. "This experience has strengthened my decision to use Lalamove as the delivery partner when L'OCCITANE launched En Demande, the order and collect platform."

Elida Wong, L'OCCITANE Brand General Manager, Malaysia & Singapore.

Image via Lalamove (Provided to SAYS)

This Christmas is shaping up to be different from years past, but that doesn't mean it can't still be a special and magical time

While you may not be able to visit friends and relatives, join open houses or host your own, you can order gorgeous gift sets from L'OCCITANE and have them delivered directly to your loved ones with Lalamove. 

Imagine how happy your special someone will be when they receive any of these gorgeous gift sets:

As we enter peak shopping season, L'OCCITANE is grateful for Lalamove's on-demand delivery platform to help provide their customers with products they love

Speaking to SAYS, Lalamove stated that the customer journey doesn't stop after they have confirmed payment. It's the deliveries to the customer's doorstep that can make or break a positive experience.

Making their services accessible to everyone, Lalamove offers a ready-to-use platform and fleet. With just a few steps to activate a faster delivery fleet, merchants can provide excellent after-sale services to meet customer demands for a premium goods delivery service during peak seasons.

It's definitely a unique shopping experience on another level!

Looking for on-demand and same-day delivery services? Check out Lalamove's website and app now!

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