[PHOTOS] Leaked HTC M8 Photos Show The Smartphone In All Its Glory

A couple of new pictures of HTC M8 smartphone have surfaced online and these show the smartphone in an entirely new color scheme.

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Newly-Leaked Alleged HTC M8 Photos Are Making The Rounds On The Web

In line with previous leaks, the photographs showcase the smartphone in different color scheme from the aluminum finish we’ve seen this far.
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As you can see in the images above the black polycarbonate line on the back of the HTC M8 reveals that the device does not sport the usual aluminum finish. In the case of the latter, the polycarbonate elements around the device are finished in white.

For The First Time, The Leak Hints At HTC M8 Launching With A Metallic Back And Perhaps In The Golden Colour

Even if not a gold finish, the metallic lustre in the photos makes us think that HTC M8 will debut in sharp, metallic colours, While Gold and Silver might be the preferred choices, we wonder if HTC will launch the phone in multiple colours with a metallic finish.
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The one thing that's stayed constant across multiple leaks and rumours are the dual-rear end cameras. The picture confirms the same with the main rear end camera being positioned in the same place as the regular cam and the other being slightly at the top of the phone.

It Appears That The HTC M8 Will Have Much Rounder Corner Than The HTC One

You’ll notice the device has much more curved corners, and what appears to be a slightly polished, more metallic finish than the current HTC One (M7).

The new pictures look much the same as the leaked HTC M8 pictures we saw last week, as the front of the device in both pictures features light sensors that have been shifted over to the right-hand side of the phone next to the front-facing camera.
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Other reported specs for the device include a 5-inch 1080p display, a 5 ultrapixel camera, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and Android 4.4 KitKat.

It will be launched at a HTC event that’s happening on 25th of March. The launch date also appears to be confirmed by the date shown on the device above.

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