[LEAKED] The Secret Google Project Called 'Google Stars'

Google Stars will enable web pages, images, videos, emails, Maps locations, Google+ pages, Drive documents and more to be moved to a library.

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Google Is Testing A Cloud Service Bookmarking Tool Called Google Stars

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Google is testing a new Chrome feature that would allow users to save any piece of content — an email, a web page, an image — and review it later as part of a searchable, organizable library.

The Feature Was First Unearthed By Florian Kiersch, A German Student Who Enjoys Trawling Google Code

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"Thank you for dogfooding Google Stars!" reads one output in the code, suggesting that Google employees are testing the feature now. "We are working hard to make Google Stars a product you love."

Google Stars was originally called Google Collections, Kiersch writes, and it looks like a cross between Pinterest, Dropbox, and, laid out in an image-rich grid. "More beautiful than bookmarks," the source code says.

The Stars Is Like Pocket, Sans Reading. The Interface Is A Bit Like Drive For The Web, Wherein You Can Save Your Favourite Pages In A Card-Based Environment.

Go anywhere on the web - in Google Chrome, the web browser - and hit the star on the far right of the address bar. From there, Google will save said piece of the internet for your later browsing.

You can make folders of your own, you can view all of your content at once, and you create filters. The entire setup looks extremely simple - like Google Drive, but until you start to fill "Stars" up, it’s barren.

Stars Could End Up Being A True Cataloging For Your Web Content, Replete With A Simplified Interface

What seems to be a neat way to catalog bookmarks (you bookmark something in Chrome by highlighting the star, after all) could lead to much more. What it is right now is a new way to find and share bookmarks, which is either really unnecessary or leading into something extensively cool.

WATCH: The Video That Explains The Google Stars

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