We Built 3 LEGO Space Sets Released In 2024. Here's What We Think

The building experience was out of this world!

Cover image via Laila Zain (SAYS) , Anne Nunis (SAYS) , Sukhbir Cheema (SAYS)

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2024 is the year of space for LEGO. With plenty of space-themed sets releasing this year, we had the opportunity to build three of them

Spoiler alert — the LEGO 3in1 Space Astronaut (31152), LEGO Friends Mars Space Base and Rocket (42605), and LEGO City Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life (60431) sets are all fun and interesting to build, play with, and display.

Although the three sets are targeted at different demographics (more on that later), they are guaranteed to provide your loved ones and you hours of good fun and memories.

Read on to learn about our experiences building these sets, as we share our thoughts on what makes each set special and unique.

LEGO 3in1 Space Astronaut (31152)

If you're the type of person who wants to get a LEGO set but doesn't want to finish building it only to think, "Well, there's that", then LEGO's 3in1 sets are probably for you.

It has all the good parts of building a LEGO set, with three times the fun!

We built the LEGO 3in1 Space Astronaut, a set that lets you set up the joke: An astronaut, space dog, and spaceship walk into a bar — I digress.

It comes with 647 pieces, allowing you to choose from three builds of varying difficulties. The main build is the space astronaut, complete with a detachable jet-propulsion backpack.

The figure boasts a combination of swivel and ball joints in its arms, torso, and legs, making it a very poseable addition to one's collection. It stands at about 30cm tall without the stand.

Little details like the buttons and wires of the space suit, along with the overall articulation of the figure, make it the standout build of the three options you can choose from.

Next up, we have the space dog (this set is aimed at kids aged 9 years and above). It's cute, poseable, and an animal in space attire. As far as posing the figure goes, you can move its legs and tail.

Not to be missed is the space viper jet. While it has less articulation than the other two builds, the jet is great for the kids to play with due to its solid build. It also features a seat in the cockpit that can fit a LEGO minifigure (not included).

The set is priced at RM219.90 (about 0.34 sen per piece), and considering you have three solid build options to choose from, it's pretty good value for money.

All three variations come with a stand, allowing you to display your space build for the galaxy to see.

LEGO Friends Mars Space Base and Rocket (42605)

LEGO Friends is so underrated. While the lineup is marketed primarily at children, particularly girls, some of the sets offer unique pieces and fun, interesting builds.

Take the LEGO Friends Mars Space Base and Rocket set, for instance. With 981 pieces, it not only makes for a fun build but also an adorable display.

Featuring three mini-dolls, a cat figure, a rocket, an exploration rover, a modular research base, and accessories, this set is designed to spark imagination and curiosity about space among children aged 8 and above, providing hours of fun.

The set might be slightly sophisticated for some who are new to LEGO. However, it comes with six booklets allowing six people to work together to build the models.  

The set offers the versatility to customise builds with other LEGO space-related elements and sets, alongside clever use of LEGO elements and pieces.

It also features an adorable alien LEGO figure. Since this set is targeted at the little ones, there's some sticker application involved.

Priced at RM399 (roughly 38 sen per piece), the price is within the expected range for a LEGO set of this type.

LEGO enthusiasts and investors should consider getting their hands on this set since it's the first space-themed set in the LEGO Friends line-up.

LEGO City Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life (60431)

A great set for budding young builders, the LEGO City Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life provides a fun challenge without frustrating them.

Aimed at kids aged 6 and above, the LEGO toy playset features a tough space exploration vehicle, mini geyser terrain, two space crew minifigures, a robot, and alien action figures.

Equipped with six big tyres and advanced suspension, the rover is the main build of the set. It moves smoothly over rocky LEGO terrain as each tyre has its own suspension, making it a great hands-on toy for small children with big imaginations.

If your kids are anything like mine, they will be obsessed with the size of the wheels and mesmerised by how it moves across different bumpy areas.

The futuristic space car features a detailed two-man cockpit, allowing your minifigures to sit inside and 'steer' their space adventures.

And let's not forget the mini robot rover! Who doesn't love tiny versions of big things? :D

It's a straightforward build with a total of 311 pieces and took my kids around an hour to complete it together. The space rover measures 10cm high, 22cm long, and 13cm wide.

Priced at RM139 (roughly 44 sen per piece), it's a great set for any occasion without putting too much strain on your wallet. The realistic vehicles, detailed structures, and cute characters offer young builders a fantastic outlet for imaginative play.

The LEGO 3in1 Space Astronaut, LEGO Friends Mars Space Base and Rocket, and LEGO City Space Explorer Rover and Alien Life sets are now on sale at all LEGO outlets and toy stores nationwide

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