LINE Is Now Available For Download On Google Chrome Webstore

Make sure you have Google Chrome installed before downloading the app!

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Awhile back, we announced that SAYS is now an official account on LINE. Make sure you follow us, we'll be launching a new contest next Monday. You wouldn't wanna miss out. ;)

Today, the instant communications giant will be launching a new web app exclusively for Google Chrome

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Available on both Windows and Mac OS, LINE for Google Chrome is in a lot of ways like the mobile version but with more features

Image via LINE

Log into your LINE account by keying in your email address and password. You could also opt for QR code login, if you're high tech like that.

Once you've logged into your account, you'll be greeted with a minimal and clean chatroom interface

Image via LINE
Image via LINE

The chatroom is divided into two sections. On the left, you'll see your list of contacts, as well as official accounts that you've subscribed to. While on the right, you'll be able to see your chat history.

LINE is famous for its cute stickers, and users will be able to send them to their friends through the app

Image via LINE

A sticker is worth a thousand words!

LINE introduced a new feature called Memos, which allows users to create their own notes or save and arrange text and pictures. Memos allow users to synchronise to-do lists created at home to any other PC simply by logging into their Google account.

Image via LINE

Attach a photo to your memo.

Image via LINE

Jot down daily reminders and ideas, so you won't forget a single thing! Attach photos or pictures to enhance your memos.

For convenience, LINE has also enabled an in-app screen capture feature

Image via LINE

Users can capture screen shots and save it to a memo or share it with their friends.

Security and privacy have always been a priority for LINE, auto login feature will not be available. Additionally, users must verify their identity via the smartphone version of LINE the first time they log into a new device.

Image via SAYS

Overall, we had a great time using the app. The app is fairly easy to navigate and user-friendly. The addition of Memos sets LINE apart from many other web messaging apps out there - the ability to jot down notes and daily reminders on a messaging app is rather ingenious.

Download LINE for Google Chrome on Google Playstore now.

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