Here's How Creating Content On TikTok Has Landed These 7 M'sians On Billboards Across KL

It goes to show that anyone can explore their passion and #FindYourPurpose on TikTok!

Cover image via @anissajailani_ (Twitter) & Smartmockups (Edited by SAYS)

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It's no surprise that platforms such as TikTok are capable of catapulting content creators to viral success

In fact, there are many Malaysians who have proven that you can indeed Find Your Path on the platform. And you don't have to have millions of followers to start creating quality content that you want to share with the world.

Recently, some of our very own homegrown TikTok famous creators have been featured on billboards throughout Kuala Lumpur, wow!

Just look at how happy our local TikTok creators are to see themselves on billboards:

Here's a closer look of a video that one of the creators, Mathan Edward, posted:

Wondering where it all started for them? Here's a look into how TikTok has helped these seven Malaysians find their purpose on the platform:

1. Strong and positive-minded, Anissa is a deaf-mute person who teaches sign language to the TikTok creator community

With 557,300 followers and counting, Anissa started on the platform by sharing her disability with the world.

Between going LIVE and creating impactful content like teaching users how to sign various words and phrases in Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM), her authentic way of sharing is the reason for her success.

Under her TikTok handle @anissajailani_, Anissa creates content that is not only interesting, but also engaging. She hopes to change the perception of deafness, as well as raise awareness about BIM

Watch this video to discover the story of how Anissa kickstarted her journey on TikTok:

2. Discovered on the platform, Malaysian-born singer Fatia made international waves as TikTok's First Global Artist

Building her following organically, this self-taught multi-faceted musician has come a long way since she began posting fun duet videos of her singing from the comfort of her bedroom.

Whether it is dueting other creators on songs like Sam Smith's Make It To Me or Start of Something New from High School Musical, Fatia's dynamic and sweet singing has led to many opportunities, including the release of her debut single on TikTok — My World Too

It's a massive feat, considering Fatia, a.k.a @thisisfatia, is the first ever global artist to be signed to TikTok. Malaysia represent, woo hoo! 

Besides singing, she also dabbles a little with the piano and guitar, and loves litigation, as the young creator is also a promising law student. A force to be reckoned with, indeed.

Watch this video to discover the story of how Fatia kickstarted her journey on TikTok:

3. Showcasing his diverse range of expertise, Mathan Edward is a trained professional chef, dishing out lip-smacking Malaysian delights

Like many others, the pandemic caused @mathanedward to set course on a new career path, so he turned to TikTok and hasn't looked back since.

Whether it is mutton masala, mapo tofu, or even sup herba ayam for those who are in confinement, this talented chef churns out comfort food with easy step-by-step instructions for his over 259,000 followers. You'll not only learn to replicate your favourite recipes, but also Finish Your Plate too. ;)

Watch this video to discover the story of how Mathan kickstarted his journey on TikTok:

4. As a medical doctor, Dr Samhan Awang debunks myths and breaks down topics considered taboo in the field of medicine

The TikTok community has this medical myth debunker to thank for addressing COVID-19 misinformation, especially during the height of the pandemic.

From post-vaccine tips to sexual health misconceptions, @dr.samhan consistently posts helpful bite-sized videos at least two to three times a day — on top of maintaining daily duties at the clinic he works at.

Despite his busy schedule, the doctor's purpose in creating a TikTok account was to share his knowledge with the masses. It is no wonder that this passion of his has earned him a whopping 1.2 million followers. :O

Watch this video to discover the story of how Dr Samhan kickstarted his journey on TikTok:

5. Whether it is meat-free wat tan hor or rendang, Kristin's talent lies in veganising various recipes, which have earned her over 474,000 followers since she started in October 2020

At only 17 years old, this local TikTok creator has whipped up high achievements for herself from her creative and down-to-earth culinary approach as @eatwithkriss

From classic Chinese comfort foods like hee pan, a.k.a. Hakka steamed rice cake, to meat-free versions of Malaysian favourites like mushroom rendang, wat tan hor, and more, Kristin makes easy-to-follow recipes that you surely will save. 

It's sooo satisfying to scroll through her content, especially if you're a foodie, heheh.

Watch this video to discover the story of how Kristin kickstarted her journey on TikTok:

6. Alex is a dance instructor who gained his first million followers after challenging himself to create consistent content for 100 days during the lockdown

He started his account under the handle @alexhkf in 2020, and found that the platform afforded him a voice to represent his identity, creative visions, as well as goals as a dancer. This felt especially liberating to Alex, as he lost his job during the pandemic and was feeling particularly demotivated.

Nonetheless, he stuck to his challenge of posting consistently, which soon paid off. What started out as dance videos, developed into entertaining content that incorporates more complicated transition and transformation skills that TikTok is also known for. 

Alex enjoys interacting with his followers, which is why you might feel like you're commenting on a friend's post — even with the 5.6 million followers he's amassed. :D

Watch this video to discover the story of how Alex kickstarted his journey on TikTok:

7. Comedic content is Afiq's speciality on TikTok. Not only is he comfortable showcasing his authentic self, but he also gets creative by injecting silly humour into trending videos.

The 24-year-old Malaysian creator made his TikTok handle, @itsafiqhakim, just for fun in 2019. And he certainly didn't anticipate TikTok to change his life like it has.

It all started when Afiq hopped on the My Mom Met My Dad trend. His posts shows him lip-syncing to the This Is My Family audio by STEEERLING, while depicting Shaheizy Sam and Dwayne Johnson as his celebrity parent-lookalikes — and the rest, as they say, is history. 

With tens of thousands of views per post on TikTok, Afiq is now a creator with 1.4 million followers, as well as 31.1 million total likes for his content. Scrolling through his comedic videos, you'll certainly find yourself giggling at your phone screen, heheh.

Watch this video to discover the story of how Afiq kickstarted his journey on TikTok:

These TikTok creators certainly serve as an inspiration, huh?

It goes to show that anyone, even you, can explore your passion and #FindYourPurpose with TikTok.

Plus, you'll never know where sharing your story on the platform could lead you to until you do — you might just be the next Malaysian TikTok creator to be featured on TV, in a magazine, or even on a billboard ;)

Check out this video for inspiration:

You can start your journey by using a special filter effect to share your story on TikTok. Just scan this QR code below with the app:

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