20 Most Common Passwords In Malaysia. Yours Might Be On This List

Time to check your passwords.

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A recent study has revealed the most commonly used passwords in Malaysia

NordPass has recently published its fifth annual study revealing the most commonly used passwords in Malaysia and the results are pretty surprising.

The research also sheds light on the 200 most commonly used passwords worldwide and password comparison among 35 countries. NordPass further studies the difference between passwords people use for different services.

To our surprise, the most commonly used password in Malaysia is '123456'

The list of the 20 most frequently used passwords in Malaysia consists of a mix of weak passwords from previous years and new additions.

You may want to check if your password is in the list of commonly used passwords below:

1. 123456
2. admin
3. password
4. 12345678
5. abcd1234
6. 000000
7. 123456789
8. abc123
9. 12345
10. [email protected]
11. guru
12. Candycan1
13. qwer1234
14. P@ssw0rd
15. 111111
16. 1234567890
17. Kento123!
18. admin123
19. tmnet123

The study also revealed that streaming accounts usually have the weakest passwords

The research also unveiled the types of passwords people use across various platforms and assessed whether there are discrepancies in their strengths.

Streaming accounts, in particular, have the most vulnerable passwords. NordPass Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Tomas Smalakys, suggests that this tendency might be linked to users collaboratively managing shared accounts and opting for easily memorable passwords for convenience.

Unsurprisingly, users pay more attention to accounts tied directly to monetary transactions, leading them to employ the most robust passwords for their financial services.

NordPress also shared some pretty interesting insights from the study

Image via FLY:D/Unsplash

Firstly, the password "123456" is the most common both in Malaysia and worldwide. Almost 31% of the world's most popular passwords consist of purely numerical sequences, such as "123456789," "12345," "000000," and others.

Last year's global winner "password" is not leaving internet users' passwords. In Malaysia, "password," "[email protected]," and "P@ssw0rd" are highly popular passwords this year. The same trend is observed in other countries, including Germany, Mexico, and others.

NordPass also pointed out that up to 70% of the passwords in this year's global list can be cracked in less than a second, which is worrying.

Here are some tips from NordPass to bolster your security:

1. Create long and complex passwords.

Smalakys suggests using passwords that are at least 20 characters long, containing uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

2. Avoid storing your passwords on your browser 

Consider adopting a password manager. With stealer malware attacks targeting credentials on browsers, third-party password management software is considered a more secure choice for credential storage.

3. Adopting passkeys

An increasing number of websites are now offering the option to access accounts with passkeys instead of passwords. While passkeys won't completely replace passwords just yet, they are the future of authentication.

4. Stay vigilant

To protect yourself from stealer malware, pay close attention to anything that you download onto your computer. Malware is often distributed via phishing emails — so learn how to recognize them.

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