Need To Track How Much Petrol Is And Predict Next Month's Prices? There's An App For That

In our 31st Tech Tuesday column, we take a look at Petrol Price Guru, Malaysia's first petrol price information mobile app for Android users.

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Back in December 2014, the Malaysian government abolished all subsides for RON95 petrol and diesel, ending a cheap fuel policy of decades. The cost of petrol and diesel began to be based on Managed Float System. The shift to a more flexible pricing system was hailed as a positive step for the country by experts.

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Seeing the change in Malaysia's petrol price policy, homegrown Centil Technology launched 'Petrol Price Guru' in January 2015, a mobile app to update users on local and worldwide petrol price trends

In terms of usability, Petrol Price Guru is quite basic but informative. A 'Mamak' tab allows users to chat among themselves.

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Other main features include its ability to immediately notify users as and when Malaysian petrol and diesel prices are adjusted by the government

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Showing users Malaysia's petrol price trends of up to 12 month

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It also shows users international crude oil daily prices

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But one of its most useful feature has to be its Prediction Tab. Effective, useful, this nifty little feature predicts future oil prices.

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If you're looking to better understand local and global petrol price trends, Petrol Price Guru should be part of your Android smartphone. (Download). Already using the app? Do comment below to let us know how has your experience been so far.

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