Netflix FAQ: Which Originals Should I Watch? What Is Ultra HD? 100Mbps Speed Needed?

Time to get the best out of your binge-watching adventure!

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If you haven't heard already, on-demand Internet streaming giant Netflix has FINALLY launched here in Malaysia!

Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, delivers a keynote address.

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The announcement was made at the company’s on-going keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016. Netflix, which has launched in over 60 countries, has now expanded to more than 130 new countries around the world, including Malaysia.

That’s right! You can now enjoy famous original content like Orange Is The New Black, as well as Marvel hit series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones... all commercial-free!

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We highly recommend Orange As The New Black as the original you should start watching, simply because of how addictively good it is!

With its fourth season premiering sometime this year, Orange is the New Black has proven once again that it is in TV’s upper echelon of character development, inviting audiences to the inner lives of dozens of inmates, guards and other prison personnel.

However, it's good to note Netflix in Malaysia is slightly different from the US version. Below is a comparison chart:

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Granted, it's not as bad as we thought! Fingers crossed for Agents of Shield and Breaking Bad to be available soon, though!

To start watching, all you need to do is log onto Netflix's official page and create yourself an account.

Pricing for the monthly plan are as follows: RM33 for Basic, RM42 for Standard and RM51 for Premium.

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The base subscription at RM33/month gives you SD (Standard Definition) quality with a single stream. But if you have more than 1 screen at home or your family would want to watch Netflix separately, the UHD (Ultra High Definition) plan that tops off at RM51/month would be your safest bet, as it supports 4 streams simultaneously.

Aside from supporting 4 streams at the same time, the Premium Plan provides UHD (Ultra High Definition) - the next big step in HDTV resolution. Think crystal clear waters.

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Ultra HD (4K), or Ultra High Definition, is the next big step in HDTV resolution. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) defines an Ultra HD television as one that displays at least 8 million active pixels, with a lower resolution boundary of at least 3,840 by 2,160.

This would mean Netflix shows streaming under UHD would have immense details, gorgeous wide shots and colours looking fantastically natural!

But can my Internet connection handle it, you ask?

Well, Netflix is only as good as the connection you’re on. For Ultra HD quality, fibre broadband like the Maxis 100Mpbs Home Fibre is highly recommended - to ensure a buffer-free experience.

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With 100Mbps, you can stream videos in 4K UHD and it comes with unlimited data usage. Also, you wouldn't have to worry about not being able to surf the net as well because, with a speed like 100Mpbs, there's more than enough to go around with!

Good news for MaxisOne plan customer - you can get additional discount up to RM68/month! Oh, did we mention that the first month is FREE?! So, if you have always wanted to try out ninja-like Internet connectivity, call up 1800-82-1123 to find out more about this limited offer!

Alright, be right back while we waste our life away...

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