KL Drivers Spent An Average Of 75 Hours Stuck In Jam In 2022, According To New Findings

The same source also said that drivers could save up to 35 hours on the road if companies in KL implemented just one day of working from home.

Cover image via ExpatGo & TomTom Traffic Index

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Malaysia, or more specifically Kuala Lumpur, ranks 143 out of 389 cities across the world for traffic.

This metric is measured by travel time, fuel costs, and carbon dioxide emissions.

According to Dutch GPS technology and consumer electronics company TomTom, drivers in KL spent over 159 hours on the road in 2022, with 75 of those hours being due to traffic jam. 

This is equivalent to time spent finishing approximately 31 books. :O

Each KL driver was also responsible for 833kg of carbon dioxide emissions, while spending an average of RM1,023 on petrol.

The worst time to get stuck in traffic was during rush hour on weekdays, usually 8AM to 9AM and 6PM to 7PM

As per the table above, a KL driver would require up to 25 minutes of extra time in traffic to drive 10 kilometres.

In comparison, the fastest time a person in KL could travel 10 kilometres without traffic was just nine minutes.

Compared to 2021, KL drivers increased their rush hour travel time by one day, five hours, and 33 minutes

On average, KL drivers would spend an extra nine minutes during morning rush hours, and up to 12 minutes in the evening.

The traffic index also stated that even if companies in KL implemented just one day of working from home for their employees, it would save up to 35 hours of travel time, RM203 worth of Petrol, and 165kg less of carbon dioxide emissions produced. 

A fellow KL driver?

Let us know how long you stay stuck in jam. :P

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