This Malaysian’s Galaxy Note 7 Could’ve Been The First To Catch Fire In Malaysia

The man claimed that he wasn't informed by Samsung representatives to switch off the phone.

Cover image via Soya Cincau

Samsung's troubled Galaxy Note 7 has been discontinued and the Korean tech giant has begun a global recall where customers have the option of refund or exchange to the Galaxy S7 Edge

Customers are required to return their device to their place of purchase on Monday, 17 October. Network operators (Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile, Yes) will also be contacting respective pre-order owners on the details of the refund or exchange program from 17 October onwards.

Prior to the recall, Samsung cautioned customers to power down their devices as a safety measure but it looks like one Note 7 user in Malaysia didn't get the memo although the news was all over the Internet

Image via Soya Cincau

A Malaysian man uploaded a Facebook post on 16 October documenting his experience with a Galaxy Note 7 that caught fire.

Do note that the Facebook post has since been taken down but local tech website Soya Cincau managed to take screenshots of the post which includes pictures of the charred smartphone.

In the post, the man described how his smartphone started emitting thick smoke while he was cruising along the highway with his wife

The man's charred Note 7.

Image via Soya Cincau

Thankfully, he managed to pull over to safety despite the thick smoke that was blinding his vision

Image via Soya Cincau
Image via Soya Cincau

"I was able to safely stop moving the car with minimal vision at the emergency lane without knocking other vehicles, and was able to put out the fire safely before my car got charred."

According to screenshots of his replies, the Galaxy Note 7 was plugged into a car charger and he claimed that he wasn't informed by Samsung representatives to switch off his phone. He also blamed Samsung for not pushing a firmware to automatically disable the devices.

Image via Soya Cincau
Image via Soya Cincau

The man and his wife were fortunate to escape unhurt. If you know someone who is still using a Galaxy Note 7, tell them to switch it off immediately and take part in the recall.

For more information on the Galaxy Note 7 recall, check out Samsung's official website here.

The Note 7 disaster has left Samsung with losses estimated to be around USD17 billion: