From Easier File Searches To Useful Video Editing Tools, Nvidia's New AI Features Impress

Plus, these features run locally, which means they don't require an Internet connection to work.

Cover image via Nvidia (Provided to SAYS) & Syazwan Bahri/SAYS

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Tech company Nvidia is developing never-before-seen advanced tools for gamers and content creators worldwide

The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays cannot be stressed enough as it is highly integrated with our lives, whether we are aware or not. AI has been evolving at a rapid pace, and Nvidia has been at the forefront of AI development.

Recently, Nvidia has shared with SAYS some of their interesting AI tech that has the potential to simplify workloads and seamlessly integrate into our daily lives.

John Gillooly, Nvidia APAC Senior Technical Marketing Manager presenting Nvidia's new AI technology.

Image via Nvidia (Provided to SAYS)

The upcoming ChatRTX is a tool that will simplify your local file organisation

Get personalised responses from your own private chatbot by searching through your local files. Also, it allows users to easily find and access personal notes, files, and photos using text or voice commands.

For example, suppose you have a personal folder with tons of travel documents. In that case, you can ask ChatRTX to find out a specific piece of information such as travel details, tickets, or itineraries with a simple prompt.

Another example that was demonstrated was that suppose you have documents pertaining to multiple properties, ChatRTX can extract information from those documents and present them to the users in a simple manner.

All these features are running locally, meaning ChatRTX does not need an Internet connection to work.

Nvidia's AI development will also benefit content creators as well

For video editors, Nvidia's powerful Tensor cores can enhance video editing workflow with AI-driven effects and tools available in DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Capcut, and other popular software.

Graphics designers will also receive a boost in their workload with the new tools. The new AI enables real-time viewport rendering, upscaling, ray reconstruction, and more in 3D creative applications like Adobe Substance, Adobe Painter, Blender, D5 Render, and Unreal Engine. Users will benefit from rapid rendering performance with Nvidia DLSS and OptiX AI technologies.

Another cool tool is Nvidia Canvas. Available for consumers to try out, this app allows users to transform simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images for backgrounds, concept exploration, or creative inspiration.

Gamers rejoice as much of the AI development will surely enhance your gaming experience

Starting with Nvidia DLSS, the latest iteration standing at version 3.5 introduces not only resolution upscaling, but frame generation and ray retracing as well, significantly improving image quality in games running 4K resolution.

Another cool feature Nvidia introduced was Nvidia ACE. Touted as the 'next-generation of NPCs', these game characters will respond dynamically to your actions and chats, further immersing gamers in their gaming world.

Nvidia Broadcast will benefit streamers and conference callers with AI-powered Noise Removal, Background Replacement, and more.

All of these powerful AI tools require a PC powered with an Nvidia RTX GPU

With powerful cores, the Nvidia RTX lineup powers laptops and desktops available from brands such as CZone, IdealTech, PC Image, and more.

You can also snag many extra bonuses if you purchase an Nvidia RTX GPU from partners such as ASUS, Colorful, Gigabyte, and more, thanks to the GeForce Mid-Year Sales running from 28 June to 28 July.

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