[POLL] How Do Your Online Shopping Habits Compare To The Average Malaysian?

For all you shopaholics out there. :P

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As we're all in the midst of Raya, we bet you're still indulging in retail therapy by shopping online to your heart's content, kan? :P

Image via 123RF.COM

Tbh, we don't blame you! Apart from all the money-saving discounts and deals, shopping from the comfort of home is just sooo convenient. Plus, it feels nice to buy ourselves a lil something from time to time, especially during this festive season. All it takes is a few taps to get what we want in no time flat. :D

With that being said, us Malaysians have developed some pretty interesting habits when it comes to online shopping.

Jom, let's see how your online shopping habits compare with other Malaysians. Take the poll below to find out!

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Note: This poll is for entertainment purposes only. Don't so serious, k? ;)

So, how do your online shopping habits compare to other Malaysians? Are you biasa-biase je or one-of-a-kind? ;)

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