People Of Dubai Can Bypass Road Traffic With These Self-Flying Taxis From July Onwards

They are made in China.

Cover image via Mirchi9

Pretty soon the Dubai sky will have self-flying taxis equipped with eight propellers on its four legs carrying individuals at the speed of over 100km an hour

Yes, you read that correctly...

At the World Government Summit conference in February, Dubai's Road and Transportation Agency said that the city is planning to offer self-flying taxis by July.

These taxis with wings, controlled through 4G mobile Internet, will have room for a small suitcase and will be able to carry a single passenger who weighs less than 100kg within an area of up to 50km with a fully-charged battery

Watch this video that shows a businessman, who is taken to his destination after he types it into a touch screen. It also shows him placing his briefcase in the "taxi" and strapping himself into the single seat with a seat belt.

These futuristic "winged taxis" with a promise to usher in an era of road-less travel are officially called 'the EHANG 184'

And they are produced in China

The EHang 184 has already been zipping around Dubai's Burj Al-Arab skyscraper.

"This is not only a model," Roads and Transportation chief Mattar al-Tayer said, adding: "We have actually experimented with this vehicle flying in Dubai's skies."

It can fly to a single point designated by the passenger once they enter the vehicle. These self-flying taxis are prevented from taking off during severe weather.

Image via Mirchi9

What do you think about these self-flying taxis?

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