Starting At RM22K, The Perodua Axia E 2023 Is The Cheapest Car You Can Get In M'sia Now

Good value for money! :O

Cover image via Mekanika & Motoqar

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The Perodua Axia is already known to be an affordable car amongst Malaysians, but this year, an even cheaper variant of the compact car is launching

Image via Mekanika

Dubbed the Perodua Axia E 2023, this new vehicle from Perodua is the cheaper alternative to the second generation Perodua Axia that launched earlier this year.

According to, the Axia E will retail at RM22,000 on the road (OTR) with five years of warranty. In comparison, the second generation Perodua Axia starts from RM38,600, as reported on WapCar. 

According to Perodua chairman Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin, the new price tag also makes the Perodua Axia E 2023 the cheapest Perodua car ever manufactured, even beating the Perodua Kancil which retailed at RM25,000 when it debuted in 1994.

Of course, the affordable price tag means it comes with some compromises

Image via Mekanika

Firstly, the compact car comes equipped with a 33-litre fuel tank with a fuel consumption rate of 22.5 kilometre per litre (on eco mode).

Additionally, the car lacks most modern drive assist systems and advanced safety features such as wireless door locks and alarms, infotainment systems, speakers, and central locking.

However, the car still packs essentials such as air conditioning, a power-steering, two airbags, a safety triangle accessory and more, as reported by New Straits Times. This may also be why the car is highly catered to driving schools.

You can check out the car yourself at your nearest Perodua dealership today!

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