When Your Phone's Lack Of Space Makes You Hate Technology 'Kaw-Kaw'

For those who spend more time deleting pictures than taking them... We feel your pain.

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You have a great phone. It's by your side 24/7, when you sleep, eat, work, and play.

But there's one HUGE problem...

Storage space.

Or rather, the lack of it. Let's take a minute to honour the 'geram' moments when your phone ran out of space and made you hate technology.

1. When your family WhatsApp group sends a million pictures of your cousin’s wedding and they automatically get saved into your phone

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Or ANY of the dozens of WhatsApp groups you're part of...

2. While everyone is taking pictures of that awesome thing that happened and you’re scrolling through your gallery deleting images

Including multiple duplicates of the same image because, you know, WhatsApp groups.

And you can forget about playing awesome games like "shooting" your friends...

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You'll be the first one to get shot. Every time.

3. Making serious decisions on a daily basis about which social media app to delete so that your phone will actually function

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Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter y u take up so much space?

4. Missing the moment where you can finally step into the conversation and impress people with that hilarious video but it takes forever to open YouTube

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Wait... it's really funny I swear... it's just loading...

5. Filming the most perfect video that will only happen once in a lifetime, like your baby's first steps, but... no space

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You will never get that moment back.

6. When you see how many apps your friends have on their phones

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And you can barely fill two pages on yours.

7. Almost completing level 532 of that game you love only to have the screen freeze and the app crash

No, don't touch me, it's not going to be ok.

8. Staring at your blank screen while everyone else is taking selfies and Instagramming their lunch :(

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Or simply staring blankly into the middle distance 99% of the time.

9. When you use an app on another device and finally see how smoothly it actually works

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You mean apps actually open immediately after you tap them?!

10. Install app, delete app, re-install app, delete app. All day. Every day.

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11. Getting a notification that your crush has sent you a message through Facebook but it just. Won’t. Open. WHYYYY?

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Do you even have space to install Messenger..?

12. Constantly clearing your cache and restarting your phone in the hopes it will stop lagging

Maybe this time if I count to 30 before switching it back on, it will work.

13. Fighting the urge to choke slam your phone into the floor when it freezes for the gazillionth time today

Rage quit.

You need to do yourself a favour before you commit smartphone homicide. Let's face it, it's time for more space.

Like, a LOT more space.

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Check out the new SAMSUNG GALAXY A Series 2016. Not only does it have a super sleek design, with up to 48GB of storage space, you can play, surf, be social, and take all the pictures you want.

Now THAT is a lot of memory space.

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Huge memory space, killer design, and an awesome camera... Still want more?

Of course you do! And that's why you now get RM200 OFF the Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 2016 or A7 2016 with Galaxy Life!

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Here's to hoping the 'geram' moments of your phone's lack of storage becomes nothing but a distant memory!

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