[PHOTOS] Leaked Samsung Galaxy S6 Looks A Bit… Apple-y

Samsung has officially begun the countdown, but when it announces the Galaxy S6 on 1 March there may be almost nothing left to show.

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On 1 March, at MWC 2015, Samsung will announce the Galaxy S6 at its Unpacked 2015 event. But for now, it seems the device has been leaked into the wild, and looks kinda Apple-y.

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The photos, leaked by someone over on the XDA forums show a device that's a departure from the S-phones of the past. The photos also contain hamsters to cover up identifying details.

Galaxy S6 leaked test sample

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The leaker notes this is a test unit with a 'not for sale' notice on the back and morse code-like dashes seen on past Samsung engineering samples. The device's back plate is not removable.

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The battery is not removable and there is no micro SD slot

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At the time of posting no photos have appeared with the device switched on. As such there is no further info on growing talk that TouchWiz will be significantly stripped down. In fact a report from SamMobile claims just two Samsung apps will be installed by default: S Voice and S Health.

There are also the following additional observations:

Galaxy S6 test sample shows a circa 5-inch display

Image via xda-developers

1. The screen is circa 5-inches – the S5 is 5.1 inches
2. It uses a micro sim
3. Has a glass back
4. Both speaker and headphone jack are switched to the bottom edge
5. The fingerprint sensor is enlarged

The edges look like real metal instead of the fake stuff Samsung's been fond of in the past. Also, the bottom looks a whole lot like an iPhone 6.

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The device also has rounded edges like the iPhone 6. We'll find out if it's the real thing (or not) very soon. But so far, it looks legit.

Galaxy S6 test sample photos

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