PSA: You Can Get Charged A 'Penalty Fee' If You Mix Toll Payment Systems

If you want to report an incorrect charge, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Cover image via CILISOS

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Now that there are different payment methods at tolls, it's important to take note of this PSA

If you've entered a highway using one payment method, you will need to exit using that same payment method or you could be charged a fee.

For example, if you use Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) when entering a highway and decide to exit via a Touch 'n Go lane, you will be charged the maximum toll fee on your Touch 'n Go card as the system has no record of your entry point.

This applies to mixing SmartTAG with RFID or Touch 'n Go as well. 

Earlier in May, someone said she was charged RM37 when she entered a highway using RFID then exited using her Touch 'n Go card


#RFID #tng #toll #plus #penalty #productdisclosure #consumerright are u a touch and go RFID user or thinking of buying one? when I purchased the RFID tag, there’s no information available at that time that u can only enter and exit using the same method ie. RFID all the way or risk getting penalised for max toll fee that toll operator can charge u. I even read the small print and FAQ which say no issue to hv both smart tag and RFID. Why was it not disclose earlier like on the product packaging?

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In the video, which has since gone viral, it shows that she was charged roughly RM37 at the Kota Damansara toll on PLUS Highway, instead of the usual toll fee, which is under RM2.

If you want to get a refund, she mentions that you need to request for it within 30 days, or you will be charged. According to her, when she purchased the RFID tag, there was no mention of needing to use the same toll payment method whenever she enters and exits a highway.

Prior to that in January, PLUS Highway did disclose that users will need to use the same toll payment method when entering and exiting a highway. Although, there was no mention of a 'penalty fee'.

In a separate Facebook post in January, Touch 'n Go added that RFID users need to enter and exit the toll plaza to "avoid unnecessary charges".

In that Facebook post, one user commented that he switched lanes from RFID to Touch 'n Go because someone before him was "stuck" and he noticed that his Touch 'n Go card had deducted a much higher fee than the required toll payment.

In response, Touch 'n Go replied that the maximum toll charge will automatically occur if the Touch 'n Go card is incorrectly used, such as:

1. 'Touching-in' at the entry toll plaza and 'touching-out' at the exit toll plaza using different cards.

2. Entering and exiting at the same toll plaza (making a U-turn).

3. Customer's entry/exit data was not captured by the system due to improper way of using SmartTAG, i.e. having weak SmartTAG battery, travelling too fast at the SmartTAG lane and following too close from the front vehicle, or

4. 'Touching-in' at the entry toll plaza and 'touching-out' at the exit toll plaza after exceeding time limit (> 20 hours).

5. When there is a system error where the reader failed to detect the card at entry toll plaza.

When the above has taken place, the system is unable to identify the entry toll plaza, where a motorist came from (because of absence of proof in the form of a ticket or a 'touched-in' Touch 'n Go card). Therefore, it is presumed that the motorist has come from the farthest toll plaza.

According to Touch 'n Go, if you want to report an overcharge, double-deduction, or incorrect charge on your Touch 'n Go card, follow the steps below:

1. Click on this link.
2. You will be directed to the 'e-Refund' page. Fill in all required details.
3. Ensure your details are correct and click 'Submit'.

Take note that the refund request for the overcharged usage at PLUS toll is only allowed for a period of 30 days from the date of the incident.

Also, the refund amount will be processed within 30 days from the date of your e-Refund submission.

So, remember that if you are on an RFID lane and someone is stuck in front of you, don't switch payment lanes.

Instead, wait for the vehicle to pass or request help from one of the toll booth assistants.

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