BlackBerry Removes Alicia Keys As Its "Global Creative Director"

BlackBerry is parting ways with Alicia Keys, less than a year after the recording artist was hired to come on as the company's "global creative director."

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BlackBerry has announced that Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys will leave her role as BlackBerry's creative director on Jan. 30, exactly one year after she joined

Alicia Keys joined BlackBerry the day the company debuted its new BlackBerry 10 operating system. But BB10 and the devices it ran on turned out to be a dud.
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Since then, BlackBerry failed at an attempt to go private. Its CEO Thorsten Heins stepped down. Now the company is focusing more on its enterprise business and selling phones in emerging markets like Indonesia.

Some followers of BlackBerry might be surprised to learn that she still had the job. While she was prominent in various events to introduce the new products early in the year, her public role at the company, noticeably faded after the new phones proved to be a flop.

Singer songwriter Alicia Keys takes the stage after being introduced as the 'Global Creative Director' for Research in Motion (RIM) during the launch of the RIM Blackberry 10 devices in New York January 30, 2013.

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In an emailed statement, Adam Emery, a spokesman for the company, offered no specific reason for Ms. Keys’ departure, which is effective at the end of this month.

“BlackBerry and Alicia Keys have completed our yearlong collaboration,” the statement said.

Celcom launches its Blackberry plan

review blackberry z10

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Celcom's plan for the Blackverry Z10 starts from as low as Rm1,188.

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The single telco exclusivity for the BlackBerry Z10 has ended and it is finally available on Celcom from as low as RM1,188.

As usual, it is bundled with the standard Celcom First plans and bolt-on internet of 1GB/3GB but this time around, the BlackBerry Z10 is also bundled with 5GB data plans as well.

View Celcom's Backberry Z10 plan page here. BlackBerry® Z10, The new BlackBerry® revolution begins soon on the fastest network.

Maxis launches its Blackberry plan

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Wow!! tidak sampai sebulan selepas Maxis menawarkan peranti terbaru BlackBerry Z10 di Malaysia, nampknya Maxis telah kehabisan stok peranti tersebut.

Stay connected to your family and friends via BBM, Facebook, Twitter with unlimited BIS! Also, get access to Whatsapp, Viber, YouTube and Echofon for more BlackBerry® awesomeness everyday!

BlackBerry Z10 Full Specs

BlackBerry Z10 is the first ever Smartphone to runs on BlackBerry (RIM) Company new operating system known as BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Z10 Maxis Package Now Available!

BlackBerry Z10 dilancarkan di Malaysia secara rasminya pada 9 Mac 2013. Dijual dengan harga RM2188 tanpa kontrak.

BlackBerry Z10 Maxis package now available for all Malaysian. If you missed, Maxis has been given the one-month exclusivity over Blackberry flagship device, Blackberry Z10.

Brace yourselves. The Z10 is out on Saturday (9.3.13)

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Official release of the Z10 will be priced at RM2,188 to Maxis outlets starting from tomorrow, March 9.

The device is also available for purchase for Hotlink users at RM1,888 and if you’re eligible for the Package Komunikasi Belia, you can enjoy an extra rebate of RM200 subsidised by MCMC.

The 3rd party Application performance have been improved and there will be new applications will be launches such as WhatsSapp which will be coming in March.

Alicia Keys Kicks Off Her First Project for BlackBerry

Keys is inviting fans to submit photos of themselves via BlackBerry's Keep Moving hub. She'll take those photos to create music videos that she'll play when she sings her song "Hallelujah" during concerts in her "Set the World on Fire" tour, which starts on March 7. Every city on the tour will have its own unique video.

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BlackBerry and Alicia Keys announced the Keep Moving Project, a new creative initiative that engages fans.

In her first move as the company's global creative director, Keys is asking fans to submit photos of themselves that will be included in music videos, which she'll play as part of her upcoming tour.

Pre-order for the BB Z10 is available now for Malaysia!

Finally, BlackBerry Z10 officially launch in Malaysia today (20 February 2013). BlackBerry latest flagship, BlackBerry Z10 will be on sale starting from 9 March 2013 via Maxis.

Register here for you BB Purists out there! Note that pre-registration ends on 27th February at 5PM.

There’s also a launch trade-in program where they are accepting models from BlackBerry Curve 8520 (RM255) to BlackBerry Bold 9900 (RM485) . The trade-in program is limited to the first 3,000 units.

As announced during their Malaysian launch event, the BlackBerry Z10 will be available on Maxis on 9th March while DiGi and Celcom will start offering it a month later on 8th April.

BB Z10 Turns Trucks into Rubber Duckies in the new Super Bowl Ad!

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The BlackBerry Z10 does so much that BlackBerry gave up trying to explain it all and instead released an ad showing fanciful things it can't do.

BB Z10 performance preview and Rival Chart

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The Z10 isn’t just another new smartphone. It’s a symbol of redemption, the net result of the efforts of thousands working to salvage one of the most famous brands in the history of mobile technology.

BlackBerry Z10 Vs iPhone 5 S III And Nexus 4

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Let's take a look at the new touchscreen BlackBerry's specs to see how it compares to the latest iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone handsets.

A table comparing the basic specifications of the flagship devices that are currently in the market. With this, we pit the BlackBerry Z10 against other massively popular smartphones
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s we wait to see if these devices could actually save BlackBerry, along with Alicia Keys as its new Global Creative Director, let’s see how the Z10 compares to other top smartphones.

Alicia Keys is BlackBerry's Global Creative Director, But Why?

Ms. Keys said that she and BlackBerry were now “exclusively dating,” there's just one glitch: Her Twitter account shows she was very recently spending time with an iPhone.

Newly anointed BlackBerry global creative director Alicia Keys was formerly a big Apple nut, complete with an exclusive app on iOS. She must have been given an offer she couldn't refuse.
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Alicia Keys has now signed up to help sell BlackBerry devices.

At its launch event in New York, BlackBerry also announced that singer Alicia Keys would also fill its new role of “creative director.”

Alicia Keys appeared on stage in New York City with Research in Motion CEO Thorstein Heins to unveil the new smartphone competitor to the iPhone and Google's Android software.

Review on the BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry says the touchscreen keyboard learns how you type, adapting over time to be more accurate and to automatically correct common mistakes.

The Z10 will come with access to some 70,000 apps – only about a tenth of what’s available for the 2 other major smartphone platforms.

The phone looks nothing like the typical BlackBerry with a physical keyboard and almost everything like an Android phone or iPhone.

'BlackBerry' Launches The First BlackBerry 10 Phones Z10 And Q10

The BlackBerry Z10 features a full touchscreen and textured back, while the Q10 features the traditional design with physical keyboard.

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The company will undergo a legal name change after its shareholders pass a resolution to that effect later this year, said a spokeswoman. Until then the company will do business as BlackBerry.

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One of the new Blackberry smartphones at the BlackBerry10 launch event by Research in Motion in Manhattan, New York City. The new smartphone and mobile operating system is being launched simultaneously in six cities.

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BlackBerry 10 is a completely new version of the BlackBerry software; it doesn't share a line of code with the previous version called BlackBerry 7 and was built completely for the touchscreen. While the operating system is similar to that of the iPhone or Android, as it is built around pages of apps, BlackBerry says the other platforms are now outdated and that the BlackBerry 10 will provide "differentiating" features.

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Research In Motion Ltd(RIM.TO) unveiled a long-delayed line of smartphones on Wednesday it says will put the company on the comeback trail in a market it once dominated.

BlackBerry 10 devices will feature touchscreen as well as ones with keyboards.

BlackBerry 10 First Look & Review

BlackBerry finally makes a fast and modern-day smartphone. But is it enough?
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Technology editor Charles Arthur takes a tour of the new BlackBerry BB10 software and Z10 handset

'Research In Motion' (RIM) Is Now 'BlackBerry'

You loved us as RIM, we'll love you back as BlackBerry. "From this point forward, we are BlackBerry: One Brand. One Promise.."
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Signaling his hopes for a fresh start for the company that pioneered on-your-hip email, chief executive Thorsten Heins said RIM was abandoning the name it has used since its inception in 1985.

As the company counters with its new line, the name change will allow it to leverage the value of the BlackBerry brand - still a powerful asset in spite of RIM's fall from grace.

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