Samsung Galaxy A54 5G & A34 5G: Is It Worth Getting These Smartphones?

An in-depth look at all the features on these mid-range smartphones.

Cover image via Samsung

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ICYMI, Samsung recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, with pre-orders happening from now to 6 April

Image via SAYS

You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G at RM1,899 and receive a free Galaxy Buds Live (worth RM549), as well as a two-year extended warranty.

Alternatively, the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G is going for RM1,599 and comes with the same freebies.

Wondering if these smartphones are worth getting?

Here's a closer look at all the features available on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and Samsung Galaxy A34 5G:

1. Take vivid photos and videos in any lighting condition

Image via Samsung

The new Nightography feature on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and Samsung Galaxy A34 5G makes every shot pop with vivid colours and incredible details, even in the dark.

Thanks to the upgraded 1.6x wider optical image stabilisation (OIS) and higher video digital image stabilisation (VDIS) of up to 833Hz, the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G takes steady, crisp videos despite movements. Capture awesome low-light photos and videos 'awe-night' long!

2. Edit photos easily with built-in functions like Photo Remaster and Object Remover

Image via Samsung

You can perfect every shot you've taken on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G or Samsung Galaxy A34 5G using Photo Remaster. The camera's intuitive AI-powered capabilities reduce blur and noise, while increasing the resolution of every photo.

Functions like Object Remover also help to remove unwanted shadows, reflections, and photobombers in a single tap. This is a total lifesaver, as you won't have to always wait for the 'perfect shot', but can make every shot perfect.

3. Automate your phone settings all day long with Modes & Routines

Image via Samsung

The new Samsung Galaxy A series comes with Modes & Routines to help you get through the day with ease.

For instance, Driving Mode lets you automatically play music and reads your texts out loud, so you can keep your eyes on the road. Work Mode turns your phone's volume to silent, whereas Home Mode turns it back up.

Sleep Mode
turns on Dark mode and Power Saving to help you save on battery life, while Exercise Mode minimises distractions when the Samsung Health app is open, so you can focus on your workout. And Relax Mode activates 'Do Not Disturb'. so you can unwind in peace.

4. Quick Share everything to save time and effort

Image via Samsung

Wanna send files easily to another Samsung user? Just Quick Share it!

Simply select your files and tap Quick Share to transfer photos, videos, music, and more in an instant. You can Quick Share to nearby Galaxy devices, or any device at all, including non-Galaxy ones via links or QR codes.

5. Mirror your device to your PC

Image via Samsung

With the new Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and Samsung Galaxy A34 5G, you can mirror your screen from your smartphone to your PC by using Link to Windows. With this awesome Galaxy Experience, you can read your notifications, send and receive text messages, make calls, and access photos directly on your PC, without even looking at your phone.

Link to Windows helps you focus better while working on your PC, and gives you a powerful and seamless multi-device experience to maximise productivity.

6. Pay seamlessly using Samsung Wallet

Image via Samsung

Now, you can pay using your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and Samsung Galaxy A34 5G equipped with Samsung Wallet. Plus, when you do so, you don't need to carry cash around and can earn points to use on the Samsung e-Store.

With every level up on your account, you also get to enjoy awesome discounts when you buy Samsung products!

If you're looking for a midrange smartphone with nifty features for everyday use, the all-new Galaxy A series might be worth your while.

Get the full Galaxy Experience with the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and Samsung Galaxy A34 5G today, now open for pre-orders.

Image via Samsung

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