10 Reasons To Ditch The Camera When You Travel Because This Smartphone Can Do EVERYTHING

Why pack more stuff in your bag when you can fit this in your pocket?

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For all you travel aficionados out there, one of the biggest problems that you face is this: Packing

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You don't want to bring too many things but at the same time you want to bring more "just in case"

Should I bring that extra pair of shorts? What about a bottle of soap and shampoo? Or should I bring my DSLR? What if I don't bring it and the photos turn out dull?

For those who love taking photos, we think that you can take one thing off your packing list with a device that fits right in your pocket...

Here's 10 reasons why we think the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ should be your main shooter when you travel...

1. You don't need to use a selfie stick to get a group shot when the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is able to capture wide angles with ease

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Fear not, selfie lovers, Samsung has you covered with the front-facing camera, which now has a 5-megapixel camera.

With the 120˚ Wide Selfie Angle, you can now fit more people and the travel sceneries behind or around you in your photos easily.

2. Create a video collage where four consecutive videos can be played at the same time!

Forget the GoPro and portable cameras when you have one even better in your pocket. Latest smartphones now come with the standard 1080p resolution but the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ allows you to record in 2160p resolution! Overkill, but who's complaining? ;)

This is a cool camera feature that’s exclusive to the S6 edge+, in which four videos are displayed in a collage, all playing at the same time. The effect is surprisingly fun. To use it, go to "Mode" when in the camera app, and select "Video Collage". You get the choice to record consecutive videos, slow motion videos, or a collage to combine later. There’s the chance to edit the audio, slow motion sections, and add end tags afterward. Once you’re done, it’s ready to be shared.

3. Show off all your travel adventures in real time thanks to the Live Broadcast feature

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Equipped with your Galaxy S6 edge+, there’s no need to turn to Periscope or Meerkat to live broadcast your antics to the world. Samsung struck a deal with YouTube, and built live streaming into the phone. You’ll need a Google account, and there’s the chance to only let people that are in your contacts list view your live stream, making it a more personal experience.

To get started, find the Mode setting in the camera app, and select Live Broadcast. Choose either a private or a public broadcast, and start recording.

So whatever happens or wherever you are in your travel, you can share your adventures and experiences with your family or friends back home in real time! The instant real-time sharing is also helpful to the seasoned or budding YouTubers out there.

4. The camera's Quick Launch makes sure you'll capture those beautiful but glimpse moments with ease!

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We've all been in this situation before: Something exciting is happening and you want to take a quick picture or a video but when you do access your camera, the moment is now gone. On the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, the camera is on standby all the time. Pressing the home button twice will instantly launch the camera - in a speedy 0.7 second - thus making sure you won’t miss out on those rare, fleeting moments.

5. Your selfie angles will forever be on point now with all these new camera gesture and voice controls

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The S6 edge+ has solved one of the most common problems, which is trying to reach the shutter button with your stretched out arm taking a selfie. So now instead of using just the regular ol' camera or volume buttons, you could touch on the screen, maybe show your palm to the camera, use the heart rate sensor, or simply say cheese!

6. No more blurry photos with OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) when you want to capture that perfect moment

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Even if you've got the shakes, you can rest assured that the Galaxy S6 edge+ will help you take clear photos thanks to their OIS system.

7. Don't have to worry about grainy pictures at night with a higher aperture on the camera

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The S6 edge+ also features f/1.9 aperture in its camera. What this means is that it will help you take brighter pictures at night and the images will look just as stunning as the ones shot under bright lights. Say goodbye to noisy, grainy photos and hello to dreamy, breathtaking night shots!

8. Bring out the inner photographer with lots of different modes and settings to tweak with

No more standing awkwardly like this.

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For photography enthusiasts, you'd be pleased to know that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is packed with loads of granular controls that allows you to fine tune your settings to your hearts desire. There's even a professional mode that allows you to control lighting and shutter speed, all from the touch of your fingers.

9. With built-in filters, you can save your phone's memory space with one less app to download

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Your selfie game is about to get stronger. With more camera options and filters for you to choose from, taking the perfect travel shot cannot be easier. This gives #nofilter a whole new meaning.

10. You can ACTUALLY create animated GIFs. How mind blowing is that?

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Who needs a collage anymore when you can make GIFs of your travels straight from your S6 edge+ phone. So much simpler and cooler. Plus, no extra app needed!

Now be a smart traveller and pack light. Go take some awesome photos too!

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Are you seduced by this sexy device yet? Trust us, the S6 edge+ is one trusty travel buddy you'd want around. ;)

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