Following Apple's Footsteps, Samsung Might Remove The Headphone Jack From The Galaxy S8

The home button might be removed as well.

Cover image via Wired

It looks like the iPhone 7 won't be the only flagship phone to drop the headphone jack!

According to reports, Korean tech giant Samsung is planning to pull off the same move on the upcoming Galaxy S8.

Image via Samsung

The latest news comes from Sammobile who reported that they "can exclusively confirm that Samsung is going to remove the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy S8"

An artist's impression of the Galaxy S8.

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The move is said to be in an effort to make the device thinner while allowing for a larger battery.

The report says that Samsung will use a USB-C port for charging and data transfers, and it’s likely this will also be available to those who want to continue using wired headphones.

The tech site also speculated that Samsung will be replacing the physical home button with a fingerprint sensor display

Image via Galaxy 8 Info

The Galaxy S8 might also feature a newer AMOLED display that does QuadHD resolution. This display will be more power efficient thus giving users longer usage.

The freed up space from removing the headphone jack will give way to integrate loud front-facing stereo speakers into the handset

Image via Phone Arena

Many believe this is where the Samsung’s purchase of Harman International Industries, a Connecticut-based maker of connected car and audio systems, will come into play.

The Galaxy S8 is set to release in February next year and it will be a time of redemption for the company after the disastrous recall and abandonment of the Note 7

On a related note, Nokia is making a comeback next year and the new range will be based on Android:

If you're still using WhatsApp on a pretty old smartphone, you might be cut off from the service next year:

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