Samsung Is Developing A Battery That Lets You Fully Charge Your Phone In 12 Minutes

From hours to minutes.

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Samsung has developed a new battery material that could allow you to recharge your mobile phone in just 12 minutes

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Researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) are working on a prototype of a new battery that could charge five times faster than standard lithium-ion batteries, the South Korean company said Tuesday in a blog post.

The material is called graphene ball, and SAIT thinks it could be useful for mobile devices and electric vehicles in particular

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“In theory, a battery based on the ‘graphene ball’ material requires only 12 minutes to fully charge. Additionally, the battery can maintain a highly stable 60 degree Celsius temperature, with stable battery temperatures particularly key for electric vehicles," the company said on Tuesday, 28 November.

The material could also boost battery capacity by 45%. 

The company added that graphene is 100 times more effective than copper at conducting electricity, and is also an "ideal" material for fast charging

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"Lithium-ion batteries were first commercialized in 1991, and widely applied to markets for mobile devices and electric vehicles.

However, with standard lithium batteries requiring charging times of at least an hour to fully charge, even with quick charging technology, and considered to have reached their limit for capacity expansion, there have been numerous attempts to explore use of new innovative materials," Samsung said.

It isn't clear how soon the new battery could come to the market, but Samsung said its findings "provide promise" for mobile devices and electric vehicles

Tech news site CNET said the company has filed two patent applications for the battery in both the US and Korea.

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