Here's A First Look At Samsung's New Wearables: Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra

The wearables offer innovative health experiences, enhancing everyday wellness with intelligent features.

Cover image via Sukhbir Cheema/SAYS

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Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra, broadening the reach of their AI-powered health technology

These new wearables aim to offer comprehensive wellness experiences for everyone.

Samsung continues to inspire with its innovative technology, shaping the future of digital health and wellness. The Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra represent the latest advancements in wearable technology, providing users with intelligent health experiences and comprehensive wellness tracking.

Samsung's vision for Galaxy AI includes providing personalised health insights and tailored experiences

The Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra are designed to help users gain a deeper understanding of their health through accurate and advanced information.

Both watches utilise Samsung's latest sensor innovations to deliver detailed health data. This technology allows users to track various aspects of their health, from heart rate to sleep patterns, providing a holistic approach to wellness.

Here are the Galaxy Watch7 features:

Holistic Wellness Tracking

The Galaxy Watch7 is designed to give users a complete picture of their daily health. It supports over 100 workout types, allowing users to build routines and track progress with features like the Workout Routine and Race.

Health Monitoring Capabilities

The watch includes advanced monitoring features such as real-time heart rate readings, electrocardiogram (ECG), and blood pressure (BP) monitoring. It also introduces the AGEs Index, which tracks advanced glycation end products to indicate metabolic health.

Enhanced Hardware and Design

The Galaxy Watch7 is equipped with a powerful 3nm processor, providing faster performance and improved power efficiency. It also features a dual-frequency GPS system for accurate location tracking, even in urban environments. The design includes new watch bands and faces, offering personalisation options.

Check out the Galaxy Watch Ultra features:

Advanced Fitness and Durability

The Galaxy Watch Ultra builds on the Galaxy Watch7's features with enhanced fitness tracking and durability. It includes a Titanium Grade 4 frame and 10ATM water resistance, making it suitable for extreme conditions.

Comprehensive Fitness Tracking

The watch supports multi-sport tracking for activities like triathlons and includes AI-powered metrics for cycling performance. It also features a personalised HR zone for optimal workout intensity and a quick button for instant workout control.

Superior Battery Life and Display

The Galaxy Watch Ultra boasts a long battery life, offering up to 100 hours in Power Saving mode. Its display is designed for readability in various lighting conditions, with peak brightness of 3,000 nits and automatic night mode.

The Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra will be available for pre-order in Malaysia starting 10 July, with general availability beginning 24 July

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