Wanna Get Discounts When Buying Groceries? Check Out This GrabMart Promo To Save More

Just get GrabMart to deliver all your groceries within 30 minutes!

Cover image via @jayagrocer (Instagram) & Smartmockups (Edited by SAYS)

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From organic produce to local products, you can always count on Jaya Grocer to have everything you need for groceries

It's easy to stock up on essentials such as household supplies, fresh produce, beauty and health products, and more at this grocery store.

Although, it can be a hassle to travel and get your groceries in person, especially if you're on a tight schedule. That's where GrabMart comes into play, as you can now shop for items on Jaya Grocer through the Grab app!

The best part about shopping at Jaya Grocer via GrabMart is that you can now enjoy an exclusive promo, yay!

Using the promo code NEW2JG, you'll enjoy RM10 off your first three orders with Jaya Grocer. The minimum order value for each transaction is RM50, so be sure to apply this discount code the next time you're planning to get your groceries for the week!

Along with this discount courtesy of Grab, there's another way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck

Upon clicking into Jaya Grocer's page on the Grab app, you'll find that there are discounted items under the 'Today's Offer' category. If you find that your preferred items are listed there, cepat-cepat add them to your cart to enjoy the discounts offered!

What's also great is that you can now find a Jaya Grocer store near you by checking Grab!

As Jaya Grocer is having store integration on GrabMart, it's so much easier to search for your nearest outlet by searching on the app. Doing all your grocery shopping from the comfort of home will not only give you peace of mind, it's also less of a hassle as you won't need to face inconveniences such as traffic jams, long queues, and being in contact with too many people.

Ready to enjoy all these discounts? Head over to GrabMart on the Grab app to utilise this promo code now!

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