Malaysia’s New Browser Will Block All “Haram” Sites

It is shariah-compliant.

Cover image via SAYS

There's a new web browser in town, and it helps you "avoid haram"!

Introducing, Salam Browser.

Image via Salam Browser

The relatively new browser, which is still in the Beta stage, is said to be a Chromium-based browser that adheres to Islamic adab (manners).

According to Salam Browser's website, using the product will help to "maintain the purity of your heart and benefits your values".

Salam, which was built based on the open-source Chromium browser project, is developed by SBRO Online Security Solutions (SBRO), a Malaysian security software company focused on ASEAN countries.

Here are some of the main features of the shariah-compliant web browser:

Image via Salam Browser

1. Avoid haram
Salam alerts users of more than 1.4 million webpages that contain pornography, gambling, and other offensive materials or harmful content. It also helps to eliminate adult and violent content in image and video search results.

2. Helps serve community
Salam invites users to make the browser better by reporting harmful contents. "Submit undetected harmful webpages to our blacklist and you will be protecting other Salam users," the page stated.

3. Prevents privacy invasion
To ensure that users have the maximum security online, Salam browser hides users' geolocation with built-in free VPN service. It also claims to block the tracking of users' online activity to secure users' personal data from abuse.

Salam browser displays a hadith on its new tab page.

Image via SAYS

Another interesting feature is that the browser will display a hadith each time a new tab is opened.

Salam Browser, which uses the tagline 'Browser that cares because you do', only works on Windows at the moment.

Those who are interested can download the browser here.

Meanwhile, check out this browser that was designed for kids:

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